The view from the oppo

That’s right, it’s back. The view from the oppo, this week, comes ahead of our tricky home-tie against title contenders Manchester City.

Granted, we are playing Hearts tonight but I couldn’t find a single Hearts fan to gather their opinion.

When these two compete, it is always going to be a cracker so check out the answers below on how one Manchester City fan believes they will do at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

1) What do you think will be the outcome of Sunday’s match?

1-2 City Win!

2) Who are likely to be the danger men? 

For City, Sergio Aguero (obviously) and David Silva

For Spurs,  the mascot.

3) Do you think Spurs have it in them to challenge for the top 4 again?

They are a good, solid side but they lack the final kill in the 18 yard box. They need more strike power. So no.

4) What is your opinion of Emmanuel Adebayor?

Fickle, self absorbed, an embarrassment to City. He should be let go, preferably to Man Utd as I hate them, or sent to play reserve football.

5) Do City have what it takes to win the league?

Yes but Man Utd do too.

6) Your best signing of the summer?

At this stage you have to say Sergio Aguero but it’s early doors.

7) Is Balotelli mental or just a misguided individual?

Mental (and badly misguided which is a shame as he’s got enormous potential).

8) The summers best signing? 

I would say at this time Aguero is but if Luis Suarez had been signed in the summer for Liverpool. I would have said him. He’s the best value for money buy by any team for a long time.

9) If City couldn’t win the title, who would you rather did? 

Arsenal (for my son’s sake not to wind you up as a Spurs fan)  . . or anyone as long as it’s not Man Utd.

10) Is Mancini the man to take City forward?

No. He’s good but I don’t think he has the immense will necessary to face down the likes of Balotelli and Tevez. And you need that to be great.

11) Where else so City need to strengthen?

Manager and their Public Relations. They need to be aware that the rest of the world will say “we bought it”. We need to show some humility.

12) Coke or Pepsi? 

Coke by a hundred million miles

The answers for the latest edition of The view from the oppo came from Christopher Wroath with a huge help from his son, and good friend of mine (even though he’s an Arsenal fan), Josh Wroath