Twitter: Tottenham Fans React To Lloris’ Save, Bournemouth Fans React To Sissoko’s Elbow


Another week, another draw for the London side Tottenham Hotspur, but the good news; Arsenal played a draw as well.

Coming on to the Lilly-Whites, a hard-fought battle was contested at the Dean Court where both the sides canceled each other out with equal thrust. Tottenham came close to scoring but unluckily hit the frame of the post. Bournemouth had their fair chance as well, but Tottenham’s skipper, Hugo Lloris, ensured that his post remained fresh for the game and for the second time running, he made that game-saving save from Bournemouth’s Charlie Daniels’ close-range attempt.

And soon after that, the fans took to the social media to praise the French international and this is how they reacted:

Furthermore, things went little hot in the 72nd minute of the game when Tottenham’s new signing Moussa Sissoko flew his arm around the Man Of The Match Harry Arter’s face when the players were hustling for the ball at a throw-in. The challenge was made in front of the home supporters and even after the Republic of Ireland international’s protests, the ref decided not to punish the French international.

However, after the game, the Bournemouth lad stated that the incident was an accident but the Cherries supporters clearly denied his say, and this is how they exploded:

Besides all of it, the former Tottenham Chairman Lord Sugar was following the fixture and was giving his updates as well. He even mentioned that if Spurs cannot win against the likes of West Brom and Bournemouth, then they should forget about winning the title. so, here are some of the best from him: