Can Tottenham Finally Win an EPL Title?

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is a club with long history and proud tradition. The Spurs are one of the most popular clubs in London, but also throughout the UK and beyond and that’s why when the name Lilywhites is mentioned, everybody knows that the club in question is Tottenham, despite the fact that there are at least five clubs with the same nickname.

Tottenham has been popular and successful since the very first years of the club’s foundation. Namely, the Spurs became the first club that managed to win the FA Cup, despite the fact that they weren’t a league club at the time. The fact that the Tottenham’s home games had the highest average seasonal attendance on five occasions between 1946 and 1969 clearly show how popular this North London club is.

Very Few Titles in the Last Decades

The past few decades haven’t been the brightest for Tottenham though, one has to admit. If we exclude the 2008 League Cup, the club hasn’t won a major trophy since 1991. The last European trophy was won in the 1980s and the Lilywhites haven’t won a title in the top tier of English football ever since the beginning of the 1960s, long before the Premier League was established.

It seems that the Spurs are always near the top, they can beat top clubs, but they fail to take their game to the next level and start winning titles. The fans have remained loyal and patient, but it is quite obvious that they want and expect success.

The Lilywhites Are at the Top of English Football

In the year 2015/16 many believed that Tottenham could pull it off. Chelsea were in a big crisis, United were in a crisis as well, Liverpool were restructuring and City seemed to be focused on Europe and the Champions League. Arsenal have their own problems with Wenger.

But the Spurs missed the chance. And 2016/17 seems to be another season when Tottenham played great football, still lacked just a bit to establish itself as the best team in England and finally win the league. The Champions League hasn’t been Tottenham’s stronger side for quite a while now. They’ve reached the Quarter-Finals on few occasions in the last decade, but that was it. It seems that the primary focus is on the Premier League.

Now Is the Time

So, how can Tottenham build on what they’ve achieved so far and manage to walk the extra mile and win the Premier League. Firstly, they need to cling onto Pochettino, the guy obviously knows what he’s doing. Also, they should not sell their best players, as they clearly have a solid squad and a sale would disrupt the unity and harmony within the team. Then they need to further strengthen their weakest points.

The club already plays with a high degree of a consistency, they just need a little push and then you can bet that they’ll succeed. If you like betting, you can use a .