Stadium Update – Tottenham Receive Good News With Seating Capacity Likely To Increase To 61,599

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham are making strides on and off the pitch and it can be seen evidently. Huge progress has been made and Spurs are on their way to becoming one of the best in Europe.


With all the excitement about Tottenham’s performances this season, a quiet but significant progress has been made in the Northumberland Development Project. Though the club are yet to release an official statement on whether the ground would be ready for use for the 2018/19 season, it looks like the construction works are happening in full swing.

Tottenham are yet to decide as to whether they would be playing their home games next season at Wembley, as they are not yet sure about when the project would be completed. Apart from all this, there’s exciting news in the offing, as it has been found that Tottenham’s seating capacity of their new stadium could be more that what was initially revealed by the club.

The stadium was initially supposed to have 61,461 seats, which just slightly overtakes Arsenal’s Emirates stadium and will have the single-tier stand just 5 metres away from the goal line.

However, there has been a small planning amendment for the new stadium being built, which would increase the capacity to 61,599. The amendments are for changes to Level 8 to serve the Sky lounges and to increase the height of the internal roof ring. These were submitted on 07 April and are due for consultation on 02 May.

The proposed non-material amends to the inner edge of roof profile and rationalisation of maximum operational capacity to 61,559 (from 61,461 as originally applied for).

There is still no proper update on whether the stadium would be ready on time and because of this, there has been a delay in Tottenham’s decision in occupying Wembley next season.

We’ll have to wait to find out if things go as planned.