Mauricio Pochettino Updates On Wembley Move – Admits To The Difficulties Involved

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham will be playing their final game at White Hart Lane against Manchester United on Sunday and it will be an emotional encounter for all those involved with the London-based club.

However, the move to Wembley next season does have complications that Spurs fans would not like a repeat of next season.

Tottenham did struggle while playing at Wembley in the Champions League and were even knocked out of the Europa League thanks to poor performances against Gent.

Mauricio Pochettino, however, did state that Spurs were affected by the constant switching between White Hart Lane and Wembley but he says that will not be a problem next year.

The Argentine was quoted by the Guardian as saying:

“When you are focused and you feel that your home is White Hart Lane it’s so difficult to change.

“One week we play at White Hart Lane, the next week we play at Wembley. It’s so difficult to change your mindset and be ready when you are so comfortable at White Hart Lane. But next season there’s no excuse. Next season it’s Wembley only. I’m sure that from day one next season we will be thinking about Wembley and it will be completely different.

“It’s also funny how things have changed. When I arrived at this club I made the mistake of saying that the [small] size of the White Hart Lane pitch maybe didn’t help us in the way we want to play. I received a lot of criticism for that. But now it’s: ‘Maybe Wembley is so big.’”

Wembley Stadium

The Lane would be coming to a close after 118 years and Pochettino added that it will be emotional for him as well.

“Because I am a very sensitive person and so emotional, it will be difficult not to cry on Sunday,” Pochettino said. “But the soul and the smell of White Hart Lane will always be with us. It’s important, too, that we’re staying on the same site. We won’t have to change our habits.”

  • Gary Gross

    Every so often stories emerge from the tabloid press about certain
    top players leaving their respective clubs..and this is one such time
    with the transfer window about to open in a couple of weeks or so !
    As a lifelong Tottenham fan if all these stories concerning our players
    are true we should start next season with a squad of 8 players…I get sick
    and tired of reading this rubbish, and it seems this time even more so due
    to the fantastic season we`ve had and the quality performances most of our
    players have had !….One such of these clubs (Man U) even want 3 of our defenders which would leave us with just 2 defenders although we could play
    a 2-3-2 if it was to happen….I saw the game yesterday and thought this
    was one of the worst United teams I`d seen in 25 years… why would any of our players want to join them …the mother of all downward steps !
    Why don`t you print another story saying Rashford is going to Spurs Aguero too and also Hazard ? Just to even it up a bit !!!