Tottenham Submit €2million Offer For Spanish Goalkeeper After Seeing An Initial €3million Bid Rejected

We have come across a lot of news in the past and have been surprised and shocked a few times too. There were instances when we were baffled by the content of the news, and even the context of the news use to baffle us quite a lot.

The one we came across recently though, is a different kind and we can’t quite come to terms with how it actually works.

It is logical for a team to bid for a player, and gradually increase the bid or pull out of the negotiations depending on the asking price and other numerous factors involved in the transfer dealings. It is certainly a lengthy process and requires a lot of negotiations to arrive at a suitable solution for all the parties involved.

Somehow, the logic seems to miss in the latest news reported by La Grada, who are Spanish Club Espanyol’s news specialists, where they have claimed that Tottenham have submitted a €2m offer for Spanish goalkeeper Pau Lopez. The 22-year old is currently at the Lane, on loan from the Spanish club. He joined us last summer on a season-long loan at the start of this season.

To be fair, it is a good move by the club to sign a player who is on loan, if they feel that the player is good enough on the long-term. But this news has gone beyond a level and the report says that Tottenham have submitted a €2m offer for the Spaniard after an initial €3m bid was rejected by Espanyol.

Earlier in the season there had been claims that Tottenham wanted to go as low as €3m (Spain’s Gol) and had informed Espanyol. That offer was described as ‘miserly compared to the player’s value’.

At the time an Espanyol director was quoted as saying:

I know that Pau Lopez is happy, we do not hear from Tottenham; They know what they have to do, they have to pay seven million and if so he will not be an Espanyol player. The option will not be lowered.”

That stance has changed, with La Grada and others reporting Espanyol will come down from the previously agreed €7m. However, La Grada say that the Spanish side won’t accept a €2m offer.

Not even in the wildest dreams will we believe that Tottenham made such a poor negotiation for a player. Surely, this news will be on top of the weirdest bit of pieces we have ever seen.

What’s your take on this?