CBS Sports Live Streaming App And Added Benefits

Many people are familiar with live streaming. Now there is a for all of your sports needs and wants. has filled the void when it comes to live streaming and your favorite sports. There is no more waiting to get the sports you love. Downloading this app will give you all the sports updates you and your mobile device can handle. From stats on your favorite players to scores from you favorite team, this app has it all.

Live Streaming

This streams live games and sports programming directly to your phone. It doesn’t stop there however. Beyond live games, you can listen to some of best live streaming radio from Jim Rome, Tiki and Tierney, and many other live radio shows that come on throughout the day. If you enjoy watching sports analysis and commentary, then downloading this live stream app is the app you are looking for. You will have access to your favorite shows and pundits all year long. The app also allows you to see original programming created by CBS sports. This is your one-stop app for sports live streaming.

Added Benefits

If you want to enhance your app experience you can, and it doesn’t have to end with your mobile device. The CBS Sports app allows for full Chromecast integration. If you are near a TV the watch sports content will connect directly to your smart TV for a large screen experience. This includes watching the live sports you love and on-demand content. Merge your television and mobile application sports experience into something you have never had before.

Watching live sports directly on your device is will keep you in the know, and doesn’t cost you any money. Download this free live streaming app and enjoy your sports in the palm of your hand.