16 Goals Premier League Hotshot Striker Responds To Tottenham Rumours Finally

Joshua King

A lot of them believe that Tottenham genuinely need a backup striker for the phenomenal Harry Kane. Well, that’s fair enough. But they forget the fact that we have a certain 22-year old striker who only joined us last summer. While am not too sure of whether the fans remember Vincent Janssen or not, the media certainly don’t seem to do so.

This lack of application of intelligence and logic saw us get linked with one of the hotshot strikers in England in 2017. He plays for Bournemouth and is English too. He goes by the name of Joshua King. The 25-year-old was linked with us in the month of May and he did not respond to it back then. However, the £3.8m (transfermarkt) rated striker has responded now and it looks like he is flattered by the links.

He was quoted by Football London as saying;

“I was focusing on the season and finishing it strongly. But I would be a liar if I said I hadn’t noticed it. It was in most papers in England and you have got people tagging you and sending you links here and there. I was intrigued even being mentioned in the same sentence as Spurs, a big team who play in the Champions League.”

“You never know in football but, hopefully, I will be here next year and I’m looking forward to working with the gaffer because he’s been brilliant with me since the day I set foot on the training ground.”

It is quite obvious. When a player who plays for a mid-table team, sees himself get linked with a club like Tottenham, he is bound to get intrigued. Unfortunately, Joshua King isn’t the guy we need despite the Norwegian being in hot form towards the end of the season scoring 16 goals in the league. and it is quite simple to understand. It is totally ridiculous to see the media go on linking us with all the strikers in the world.

We arguably have the best striker in Europe, we have a young and an able backup in Vincent Janssen who, despite a disappointing season, remains a quality player. So Joshua King is not the player who we need. However, it is good to see the player acknowledging the transfer story.

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