“Show the world all is ok at Spurs” – Tottenham Fans Go Crazy On Twitter As Star Player Posts An Important Tweet

Tottenham star Toby Alderweireld

Toby Alderweireld is one player that we all want to see finalise his new deal at Spurs but for some reason, things are just not clicking. The Belgian has a contract with us until 2020 but he has been linked with a move to Manchester United and there have been rumblings that he could move away to greener pastures.

The 28-year-old has been a mainstay for us since joining from Atletico Madrid after doing well at Southampton and he has formed a great partnership with Jan Vertonghen as well. We seem to be pretty confident in our hopes of signing Alderweireld to a new contract but there are a number of fans who are worried that the Belgian could move away soon.

Alderweireld also posted an image on Twitter where he was preparing for the new campaign and our fans were ready to remind him to sign a new contract.

Here’s how they reacted to Toby’s tweet!



  • Voidhelix

    So many idiots, in the world. Why TF do they care if he signs an extension? Toby’s 28 and his deal takes him up to his age 31 season. Let him play it out. The team has MUCH bigger concerns than this.

  • Shane Moses

    His deal takes him up to 31 but in 12 months time a £20m release clause comes into effect meaning anyone can sign the best defender in the league for £20m so i would say all these idiots wanting him to sign a new contract have a right to be concerned

  • Robert

    Void you should keep your words soft and sweet because from what I’ve seen on here you quite often end up eating them.

  • Robert

    Don’t know if the hold up is, as is rumoured, that he wants parity with Kane and Lloris on £100k a week but if it is I think he has a point. He is no kid and is one of our most influential players. He should be among the very top earners.