Tottenham Midfielder Widely Expected To Leave This Summer By The Fans Explains Why He’s A Key Player Now

If there is one player who has surprised everyone in North London this season so far, it is Moussa Sissoko. In fact, he has been surprising Tottenham Hotspur fans for two seasons now.

In the summer of 2016, he was the deadline day signing for a then club record £30m from Newcastle United. The fans were expecting him to settle down quickly and prove that he was worth every single penny. But, he surprised the fans by being a disaster in his debut season.

Then, this summer, it was thought that the French midfielder would leave the club. In fact, the club indicated in no straight terms that he was free to leave, with clubs from Turkey ready to take him off our books. However, Sissoko chose to stay back in North London.

Most of the fans derided the decision and wanted to see the Frenchman spend as little time as possible in the first-team. But, the midfielder has surprised the fans once again by not living up to their expectations.

However, this time it is a pleasant surprise because the 28-year-old midfielder has become a key member of Mauricio Pochettino’s side. From being on the fringes of the exit door to being a key player, that is some transformation!

Sissoko has excelled this season by putting in quality performances in big matches and has even scored a couple of crucial goals. The midfielder is gushing of his performances and knows what exactly is the difference from his disastrous debut season.

As quoted by Football London, he said:

“If I compare it to last season, then maybe yes it is a little bit of a surprise that I have played every game. But the situation is very different this year.”

He also went on to say that having a good pre-season helped him gain his confidence back and put in much more spirited displays this year.

He added: “Of course this year I had a good pre-season with my team-mates and of course that helps, it makes a big difference.”

Whatever it is, Sissoko has been a revelation for Pochettino, who has been using him more often this term. Injuries to Mousa Dembele and Victor Wanyama have also played a part because the Argentine was stretched with his resources.

However, take nothing away from the French midfielder, who has braved all the odds and fans’ derision to win his first-team place back. Should he continue to be consistently good, no one would want him to be sold, isn’t it?

  • Charles Potter

    More crap from Sridhar Bhamidi.
    Sissoko is a “key member” of the side and “has been a revelation”?
    Who is responsible for allowing him to pen this tripe?
    Mr Bhamidi would be well advised to spend some time properly researching his projects before subjecting us to a string of hackneyed key phrases which not only make him look stupid but totally inept.


    He was a panic buy, reminds me of Adebayor, plays for the cameras in big games only, get rid of him and buy Barkley

  • Nila Griva

    Who is penning crap? Sissoko has been one of the best players in the team this season, there can be no doubt about that. And he gives the team a physical presence which several players in the team lack.

  • Nila Griva

    O suggestthat the sissoko haters dig a hole in the ground , jump in and stay there as long as possible. The only similarity between Ade and Siss is their skin colour.

  • Kevin Cassidy

    Are you insane!!??!! Sissoko has the physical presence of a leaf. He has in no way been one of the best players. He’s getting a run in the team so he can be sold at the first opportunity make no mistake. Son should start before him every time.


    I suggest you buy a pair of prescription glasses, clearly you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about

  • Peter London

    Sissoko is having a good season, yes, probably helped by having a pre-season of the kind he didn’t get first time because he was a transfer deadline day signing in 2016. He’s more confident and much improved, plays it safe and and then has offered passages of play that have been thrilling to see.

  • Charles Potter

    Sissoko having a good season? No, but a better one. “Thrilling to see”? Not exactly.
    The fact remains, his first touch is nowhere near the standard expected from a PL player, let alone an international.
    And as for that airswing in front of goal!