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‘Great place for a lunch break’: Tottenham fans respond hilariously to club’s latest stadium update picture



Tottenham’s intensive work on the new stadium has constantly been shared on the Spurs official Twitter account and the latest one certainly got a lot of our fans interested.

The ₤850m stadium will feature a lot of great amenities inside but the aesthetics of the ground also seem to be one of the best in Europe.

The latest image shared by the Spurs account shows a group of workers perched high on various frames on the stadium as the roof cassettes are being installed.

It does a look like a very scary job, sitting high above the pitch, and there were a lot of funny tweets from our supporters regarding this latest update.

The stadium will also host NFL games for a period of 10-years and that will be an added attraction, though most of us would care about what Tottenham do in their new home.

For those not in the know, our first game of the season at the new stadium is against Liverpool on 15 September and it will be a great match for sure.

Hopefully, we will win a lot of trophies at the new stadium and usher in a successful era in our new home.


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