“Stop recycling old tweets”, “Summer will be over!” – Spurs fans vent anger at club’s latest tweet

Lucas Moura in our new pre-season shirt

Tottenham have done it again. The club shared a tweet a few days ago regarding their “pre-season” shirt being available for fans and that had met a lot of criticism from our fans.

The kit is dark blue in colour with a Nike swoosh and “Spurs” written on it but that is not enough as the club haven’t done anything else in the summer.

There is still no sign of a new kit coming out for this season and neither have any new players come into the club yet, while our rivals have brought in a few signings of their own.

The only update that Tottenham keep providing is about the stadium and how our World Cup stars are performing and that seems to have gotten the fans angry.

Spurs really need to understand what the fans want and asking fans to pick up a “pre-season kit” isn’t the right way to start off the season.