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It’s NOT a football stadium – Tottenham Fans Engage In Some Quality Banter With West Ham’s David Gold




Football or any sport for that matter, is nothing without some good old fashioned banter. Rivalries, friendship and more are put to the test across sports but sometimes you just have to take the mickey out of a person, especially when they end up sprouting some nonsense.

David Gold, the West Ham co-owner has had his fair share of issues with players and managers and is always willing to give his two cents on an issue but a recent tweet led to a number of people have a pop at him.

Gold tweeted that the London Stadium where the Hammers play is the biggest in London but forgot that Wembley and Twickenham are larger.


That was enough fuel on social media and West Ham fans and even Spurs fans had a go at Gold. Here are some rib-tickling gems from the Twitteratti:


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