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The stadium construction is happening at a rapid pace and it is there for everyone to see. Tottenham have made no secret of the progress and have regularly kept us all updated on what has been happening. The new pictures of the stadium construction were released by the club last week.

The destruction of the historic White Hart Lane began immediately after our final home against Manchester United which we won 2-1. Since then, Contractors Mace have wasted no time in pulling down the 118-year-old ground to ensure the new £800m stadium is built and finished on time for the 2018/19 season after we finish our 2017/18 season in our temporary home, Wembley.

White Hart Lane’s last Jumbotron screen has been taken down as the ground’s final stands prepares for its demolition to pave the way for the new stadium. Now it is only the South Stand that remains of our 118-year-old ground and this weekend, the massive Sony Jumbotron screen was removed, in preparation for the final stage of demolition. The South Stand redevelopment was done in March 1995 and the first ever giant Sony Jumbotron TV screen, to show highlights during and before games, was a key part of it.

The pixels may have stopped working and it may not have been the most visible of screens under sunlight. But it was surely a big part of the stadium in recent decades. The only other part of the ground still standing is the metal grid that arched over the North Stand, which currently stands as a gateway to the new stadium.

The work on the new 61,559 seater stadium is moving at a rapid pace and builders have been working all hours to keep to the schedule put in place and hopefully, things go as planned and we begin the 2018/19 season in our new home.