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A Brave New World – Pochettino’s Winning Philosophy



It really is a great season for Pochettino with the Spurs and the book he just launched reveals a lot on the tactics he used to get there. Apparently, he is very focused on relationships and the way they influence the entire team dynamics. In the book mentioned above, there is a tale that sheds some light on this interesting approach.

The Trip to Argentina

Pochettino and his staff were on a trip to Argentina along with the Spurs chairman, Levy. They went for some rapid water rafting and, of course, the situation got a little tricky. Jesus Perez, the assistant manager and the goalkeeper were thrown from the boat but the third member of the crew, Miguel D’Agostino was missing. Only a few seconds passed until it became clear he was trapped under the raft and this situation seemed to have happened for more than 30 seconds. Given the tricky situation they were facing, Pochettino said his only focus was to save the chairman, a joke that he didn’t really have to say since it’s obvious that their relationship is truly special. The rafting incident ended well for the entire team and they returned to camp to laugh and bond some more about their near-death experience. Perhaps they even went to a casino for some , who knows?

“The key is how we support and work together”

After performing the miracle of beating Real Madrid 3-1 in the Champions League, a lot of attention went The Spurs’ way. A lot of managers wanted to know that the secret was, what the brilliant tactic that allowed this to happen was. Pochettino, on the other hand, insists that it is all about the way the team supports and works together. It’s about how important every person feels in this highly-tuned mechanism and it is also about wanting to work together to accomplish a collective dream. Apart from the strong belief that nothing is stronger than the team, Pochettino said that he is always trying to improve himself and the people around him and help them in any ways possible. You can never stop evolving and, just as well, you can never come to think that there are nothing and nobody that can help you.


Future plans for Pochettino

Asked about future plans, Tottenham manager said that his commitment to the club and Daniel is complete and it only depends on them to decide if the will still be there after 20 years. He believes that Tottenham has massive potential and the work, done in the previous three, four years is just now showing and the peak is yet to be achieved. He also admitted that it’s a great feeling to be able to help the club, the players and the fans and the fact that everyone is looking at him like the main person responsible for where they are now. But even in these conditions, Pochettino wants to remind everyone once again that the team is all that matters and it’s there Tottenham gets its strength.




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