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The match might have ended but the debates still go on. Liverpool were pegged back by Tottenham in a crazy game which saw us win two penalties but Harry Kane could only score one, which was in the last minute of added time.

The problem lies with the Liverpool team, Jurgen Klopp and Virgil van Dijk, coming out and stating that our players dived to win the two penalties.

The first one saw Kane being played through on goal before contact with Loris Karius saw him go down. The Englishman took the penalty but his shot was saved by Liverpool’s German keeper. The Reds were denied a victory late on when we got our second penalty, thanks to Eric Lamela and Van Dijk just making contact with him.

Van Dijk, however, stated that Kane had dived to win the first penalty and there were claims that our striker was offside too. But the Englishman stated that there was contact with the Liverpool keeper and that the referee’s decision was right.

“Yeah. [Karius] has dived, he has got in the way and I’m a player, I’m not going to jump out of the way because it’s football,” Kane said of the first penalty incident (Goal).

“I’ve definitely felt contact and I’ve gone down. For Lamela’s one, I thought the linesman showed amazing character to give that because a lot happened for the first one about the linesman so to give that penalty was massive and it was a penalty.

“It was a roller coaster of emotions. Obviously getting the first penalty you are thinking ‘I’m going to score the winner’ and then miss it and then it goes down the other end. I’ve got the team down and get another one (penalty) and now I’ve got to step up again. I was delighted to score it and get my 100th goal and delighted to get something out of the game, which I thought we deserved.”

There were fears that he might miss the second penalty too but the Englishman was quoted by Goal as saying:

“The first one was essentially what I wanted to do, go down the middle,” he added. “I have a routine, I went through it and the keeper just stood there and saved it.

“Sometimes that happens so as a striker you just have to deal with it and hope the next one will come soon. Thankfully it did and I was able to put the second one away.”

The draw was the right result based our domination in the second half and the point is the least we deserved from the game.

It would have been sweeter had he scored the first penalty and given us the lead in the game but we can take this result and prepare for a hard slog until the end of the season.