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Toby Alderweireld

Manchester United are not currently interested in making a move for Toby Alderweireld of Tottenham, according to BBC reporter Simon Stone (h/t Daily Star).

The reported had tweeted that the Red Devils have work to do but have no current plan to ignite interest in Toby Alderweireld.

This was further backed on the Transfer Talk Podcast by Michael Bridge of Sky Sports as United have cut short negotiations because we want a lot of money for the Belgian defender.

“They did want Toby, whether they still want him as much remains to be seen.

“From what I know at the time and still now is that the valuation between the two clubs were so far apart – nearly up to £20m.”

It seems like Daniel Levy is the problem for United as Bridges also added that Sir Alex Ferguson had claimed in his biography that Levy was more painful to deal with than hip surgery.

This might come as great news for us as Alderweireld is one of the best defenders in the world and staying at Tottenham can only mean a good thing for us as we prepare for the World Cup.

The 29-year-old might not have started too many games for us last season but a fit Alderweireld can only be good for the squad as we look to pick up a trophy or two.

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Levy can be a little difficult to deal with and thankfully, he is on our side rather than someone else’s.

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