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New Spurs stadium – The truth behind the rumours about a potential delay



There have been some reports suggesting that the test events to be conducted at our new stadium on 5 August might be cancelled and even the first home game against Liverpool on 15 September might be moved to Wembley.

However, have reported that such rumours are false and the construction work being done at the stadium are on track.

The rumours had even suggested that the NFL game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders on 14 October would have to be shifted to Wembley, however, that too has been shot down by the report from

The test event on 5 August will go ahead as planned, as will the other two tests before Tottenham host Liverpool at the new stadium.

While there have been a few issues regarding the new stadium, things look set for one of the biggest moments in our history as our new stadium should help us deliver a world-class experience to our fans.

The club should also be able to get more gate receipts and increase their matchday earnings from the new home. However, we might be in a bit of a soup given that we have not signed a single player for the team this summer.

Our rivals are forging ahead with new faces in the side and unless we change things, we could be trailing the opposition even before the season begins.

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Hopefully, we do have some deals already wrapped up, ready to be unveiled in the coming days.

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