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Neil Warnock upset with Tottenham star after loss at Wembley



Harry Kane Tottenham

Neil Warnock was upset at the manner in which Cardiff lost Joe Ralls to a red card. The Cardiff manager saw his side lose 1-0 against Tottenham but his team had a few chances to get a point.

Ralls tackled Lucas Moura in the second half and saw red but Warnock was adamant the referee was influenced by the players.

The Cardiff manager was quoted by as saying:

“He [Dean] got influenced and Mike Dean doesn’t need influencing, he’s a top referee and I think he should have gone with his instinct and given a yellow card.

“I don’t think it helps being surrounded by about 15 white shirts.”

Harry Kane

Harry Kane did speak to the referee and Warnock was livid with the Tottenham star.

“Well you don’t go off like that, he is doing that to make an issue of it and get the referee to think it is worse than it is. England player, going off like that? Deary me… He went straight in and pushed him, so why not give him a red card?”

The away manager further commented that he was upset with Kane as the striker tried to get a fellow professional sent off. Warnock added that he loved the Englishman and believed he was a tremendous player but didn’t want the Spurs man to behave this way.

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Moura was scythed down by Ralls as the Brazilian tried to race clear. The Cardiff man made no contact with the ball but the challenge wasn’t meant to injure the Spurs attacker.

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