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“It could derail them” – Former players warn Tottenham of moving into new ground this season



Tottenham new stadium

The new Tottenham stadium

Former players Steve Sidwell and Phil Babb believe Tottenham should not rush their move into the new stadium this season.

Spurs were expected to open the venue in September but there have been several delays related to safety mechanisms and tests. The club recently shared a statement claiming we would be playing at Wembley till March.

Sidwell and Babb were speaking on The Debate (h/t, where they believed a move could derail our excellent campaign so far.

Babb believed this would be a risk since Tottenham didn’t adapt to Wembley when they first moved there and we have already suffered a few home defeats this season.

“Look, I understand the financial commitment the club has made. Everyone wants to go and see them there. But I think they deserve, or that stadium deserves, a more grand opening than towards the latter stages of the Premier League season.

“It could derail them. I think you’re right. I think it would be foolish to go in.”

Wembley stadium Tottenham

Wembley stadium

Sidwell claimed that everyone wants the team to move to the new stadium, however, since we were title contenders the team should not look to change things as small changes can make a huge difference.

Babb agreed that players have their own “idiosyncrasies” and the most important thing is to be in a comfort zone, which might not be the case if we move to our new home this season.

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Spurs lie just six points behind Liverpool in the title race, and the two former players make a valid point. However, Wembley has never felt like a real home and it will be interesting to see what the club does regarding the new stadium this season.