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“I had to get straight to hospital” – Tottenham star opens up about surgery that kept him out for a month



Eric Dier of Tottenham

Eric Dier of Tottenham

Eric Dier missed around a month of football after he had to undergo an appendix operation. The Tottenham star recalled how the club’s medical team helped him as he started feeling some pain in his stomach.

The Spurs midfielder is back in the side and opened up about the problems he faced, in a recent matchday programme (h/t

“Just the day before the Burnley game, I was suffering with some stomach pain and it didn’t seem to be that serious at the time, it was just a little bit of discomfort.”

The English midfielder added that the early symptoms indicated it was just a minor stomach problem but it changed later on.

“I was in constant contact with the doctors here and when my symptoms changed, it started to show what could be appendicitis.

“I had to get straight to hospital so that’s what I did, and then from there I had all the relevant tests and they saw pretty quickly that it was my appendix and I had the operation a couple of hours later.”

Eric Dier of Tottenham

Eric Dier

Dier was fortunate that the issue was found out before it became serious. The midfielder added that this injury isn’t as common as others and he didn’t know what to do or how to handle the situation. The Englishman further claimed that the operation is straightforward these days and only the recovery time was a little boring.

Dier has slowly been eased into the team since his return and hopefully, he can lead us to a title this season. Spurs lie just six points off the top of the table and we still have to face Liverpool and Manchester City later in the campaign.

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Those two games could decide the title and it will be interesting to see if we can perform some heroics in those ties like we have done in the last three Premier League games.