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“You’re going to get world-record levels of booing” – Some Tottenham fans share mixed reactions as star midfielder tweets regarding Brexit



Eric Dier of Tottenham

Eric Dier of Tottenham

Latest Tottenham news: Eric Dier causes Twitter storm after Brexit tweeting

The UK is still getting to grips over the issues of Brexit and Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier waded into the discussion with a tweet regarding the issue.

The Englishman hasn’t really made too many comments on Brexit but had a simple tweet regarding the referendum.

The midfielder has had his problems with injuries this season, but it seems there are other things going in his mind too.

Dier has a right to share his views

The former Sporting midfielder should be allowed to voice his opinions on big issues, such as Brexit, and he cannot be seen as a robot who only performs on the pitch.

The 25-year-old has come out in support of a “People’s Vote” on the issue. Dier isn’t the only footballer sharing his views on Brexit with former England striker and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker also calling for another Brexit vote.

Politics is always a touchy subject and the fans were split over their reactions to Dier’s tweet. There were many that supporter the Englishman’s call while others wanted him to to concentrate on playing football.

Some fans were happy with the Englishman too, and here are some of the reactions over the Brexit tweet.

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