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BBC fail to apologize to Tottenham after singling out fans for racism



BBC fail to apologize after singling out Tottenham fans for racism

The BBC have failed to apologize to Tottenham Hotspur after being accused of unfairly singling out the club over racism on ‘The One Show’ (h/t Daily Mail).

BBC ran a segment about the Holocaust on The One Show on the 27th of January. The program focused on the allegations that Spurs fans racially abused Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger during Tottenham’s 2-0 loss at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in December.

Following complaints from Tottenham, BBC edited the footage from The One Show but have fallen short of apologizing to the club.

Rudiger Tottenham

Antonio Rudiger was the victim of Racist chants

Separate investigations into the allegations were made by both the Metropolitan Police and Tottenham. However, they were closed on January 6th after finding ‘no evidence to corroborate or contradict’ the accusations. The BBC  segment failed to mention this.

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The incident marked the first time that FIFA’s racism protocol was implemented in the Premier League. Racism has no place in football or any other place in the world. The incident at Tottenham was a microcosm of the society as a large where prejudice runs rampant. It can only be combated if the clubs and fans come together rather than try to pass it off by pointing fingers.


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