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Tottenham legend in self-isolation after testing positive for coronavirus



Clive Allen in self-isolation after testing positive for COVID-19

According to The Sun (h/t Gazette and Herald), Tottenham Hotspur legend Clive Allen has gone into self-isolation after testing positive for coronavirus.

The 58-year-old first started showing symptoms of the virus earlier this month. He suffered from symptoms such as headaches, fever, and a dry cough before getting a test done at home.

The former striker spoke about the discomfort he felt as the symptoms began to show. Given the attention the pandemic has been generating over the last few months, he contacted the National Covid-19 helpline at ‘111’ to inform them of his situation.

Clive Allen tested positive for coronavirus

Clive Allen played at Tottenham for four years (Image Credit: Bob Martin/Allsport)

They responded to Allen’s call and came over a few days later to have him tested. Arranged by Health England, the 58-year-old’s nose and mouth swabs were collected. The player received the results five days later which confirmed that he was down with the coronavirus.

Allen chose to do the wise thing and isolated himself immediately after he started feeling unwell. This happened on the ninth of March and he continues to stay in isolation even today.

The 58-year-old’s concern is for his wife, who has respiratory issues. Fearful of passing on the infection, Allen continues to be in isolation in spite of having reportedly recovered. (h/t Gazette and Herald)

“I am making sure I am isolating from family members; particularly older ones”

Clive Allen is worried about his wife

Allen is worried about his wife who has respiratory issues

All for one, one for all!

Allen spoke of being fearful about the vulnerable population. He has urged everyone out there to be sensible and respectful while doing the right thing.

A striker by trade, Allen spent four years at Tottenham. He scored an incredible 49 goals in the 1986/87 season for Spurs.

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The former player initially believed that he was afflicted by a bout of flu. Given the news of the pandemic, he decided to take no chances and get himself tested. Allen chose to do the right thing and by choosing to act quickly has helped stem prevent the spread of the infection to those around him.

We urge all fans to follow the actions of the legend and take the necessary steps to protect both you and your family.


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