‘Someone at Nike worked really hard on their copy/paste skills’ – Fans Lose The Plot On Twitter As Nike Reveals Kits For Tottenham And Other PL Sides

There was a time when a club had only two kits, one home and one away, to worry about. Now, we have the ‘third kit’, which is used in some of the other competitions, like the cups and European games. It might be a headache to prepare new designs for the third kit but it seems like Nike has taken a novel approach by reducing the confusion and sticking to one colour scheme.

Chelsea, Manchester City and even our beloved Tottenham side all have the same dark coloured third kit with same design and that has not impressed many.

City aren’t taking up their garish orange colour scheme from last season but at least that was something different, while Chelsea opted for the dark hue when compared to the white strip they wore during their Premier League winning run.

We are also using a dark trim this time around and this lazy approach, if we can call it that, was lambasted by many on Twitter.

Here are just a few selected tweets which highlight the outrage that the fans have from all the three sides, something which is rare in this troll infested footballing world.