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Stadium Update: Tottenham Move Closer To Wembley After Brent Council’s Recommendation

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Wembley Stadium
Wembley Set To Be The Home Venue For Tottenham For 2017-18

Tottenham have made a huge step forward in obtaining permission to contest all their home matches next season at Wembley after the Brent council offered their go-ahead for increasing the number of full capacity fixtures at the stadium next season.

Spurs continue to build towards the future, both in terms of squad and the stadium. The new stadium is set to open ahead of the 2018/19 campaign.

The stadium will have 61,000 seats, which just slightly overtakes Arsenal’s Emirates stadium and will have the single-tier stand just 5 metres away from the goal line. It has also been said that the single-tier stand will be the largest in the country with 17,000 seats. The numbers are eye-popping and it surely is a massive step taken in by the club in their long and illustrious history. The stadium will also have 9 floors, with a lot of unbelievable facilities and it is surely expected to set the mark for a modern football stadium.

Tottenham’s New Stadium Is Expected To Be Ready By 2018/19 Season

However, there is this pesky problem next season, of having to find a place to play a whole season worth of home matches that is sure to include the European competition games along with league encounters. At this point, it is believed to be the Wembley Stadium, but there are still a couple of hurdles left to overcome before this becomes a reality.

The biggest hurdle is to get the Brent Council on board with expanding the number of full-capacity events that the stadium is allowed to contest during a year. The number stands at 37 events, which includes the English National Team, Capital One and FA Cup matches, as well as the lower league playoffs. It also includes the non-sporting events such as concerts. Tottenham could take a deal that allows them to use just the lower tiers for league matches and save the full capacity matches for Europe.

The problem is that Spurs, as it currently stands, would only be allowed to use the full capacity of Wembley five times. Now the question is, what happens when Spurs advance in the European competition? This is the question that Tottenham seem to have put forth, and it looks like it has been answered positively.

The news on Brent Council’s recommendation was reported by Tom Collomosse of Evening Standard, who has been following the news for a while. He tweeted from his official twitter account that Brent Council’s officers recommended the planning committee to increase the number of fixtures at Wembley next season.

The total number of home games for Tottenham goes up to 36, with 19 league matches, a minimum of 3 European matches which could go up to 7 depending on the team’s progress, and 10 games in domestic cup competitions featuring the FA Cup and the EFL cup.

With the Brent Council giving the green light, this is all but a done deal. On March 23, Wembley, Spurs, and the Brent Council will meet up to finalise the details. After that, Spurs will almost certainly give those details to the English Football Association for approval to play all their home matches at Wembley Stadium for the 2017/18 campaign while the construction of the new stadium is completed.

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