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Daniel Levy: Tottenham Could End Up Playing At White Hart Lane Post This Season

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Tottenham Stadium

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has hinted at the possibility of staying at White Hart Lane beyond this season as the club continue to wait for a concrete confirmation on the deadline of the Northumberland Development Project.

Levy said that the development of the project is being closely monitored and that a decision will be taken once they receive an update about the completion of the project.

The club’s statement also revealed details about the development of the new training centre and said that it will be available in 2018 as planned earlier. The training centre is believed to become one of the best centres in entire Europe.

Spurs also revealed record revenue of £209.8m for the year (ending 30 June 2016), and a profit (after interest and tax) of £33m; up from £9.4m the previous year.

The Tottenham chairman added that the club are financially stable and a significant progress will be made further. He highlighted the fact that Spurs have been financially stable over the past 16 years and have been highly ambitious as well.

Levy said: “This financial period saw record revenues and the Club’s highest placed finish in the Premier League. There was also substantial progress on capital projects with schemes underway at both the new stadium site and our Training Centre. We have run this Club on a financially secure basis for the past 16 years, whilst remaining ambitious and with a vision for its future growth and success.”

Daniel Levy

He assured that the club will focus on the future and that Tottenham will always stay protected and financially sound as well.

He continued: “We continue to focus on ensuring that the future of the Club is protected at all times and therefore, whilst everyone is eager to know if this is our last season at the Lane, we shall only make the decision to decommission our historic White Hart Lane when we have greater certainty on the delivery of the new stadium.”

“Our performances on the pitch and the sight of our new stadium taking shape signifies an exciting future. As we move forward with the challenges ahead, I firmly believe that the positive outlook, unity and togetherness across the Club, the team and the fans means we can look forward with optimism.”

It surely is evident that Tottenham are striving hard to make a decision on where they will play their home games next season. It now looks like there is every possibility of Spurs staying at the historic White Hart Lane for yet another season. This would surely serve as a motivational factor for the members and staff of the club to perform better next season.

Let’s all hope things continue to unfold smoothly.

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