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No Fear For Tottenham Boss Pochettino Over 28-year Old Exit Rumours

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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettinio

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has sent out a clear message of warning to all the potential suitors who are trying to sign Tottenham players in the summer. The Argentine has clearly stated that any club who are interested in signing Tottenham players can visit the club’s chairman to have a chance of signing any of the current Spurs superstars.

This is a massive statement considering the fact that Tottenham have always lost their stars to European big clubs, with Modric and Bale being the most recent players to depart.

Modric and Bale now play for Real Madrid but Tottenham now, don’t seem to be feeling their absence as they have managed to build an extremely strong team which is capable of competing for the Premier League title.

Pochettino said:

“If some clubs are interested in some players it is very clear you need to knock on the door of [Tottenham chairman] Daniel Levy.”

“If any player is going to leave the club it is always our decision, the club’s decision. All the players today have contracts for the next two or three years, minimum, and we’re not worried. I invite all the clubs that want players from Tottenham to come to the training ground and visit our chairman Daniel Levy. [Alderweireld] is playing and it is his second season with the club. I don’t think anybody has any doubts about Toby.”

It is easy to understand why Pochettino is adamant about holding on to his players. Spurs have established themselves as one of the biggest in England now, with the Northumberland Development Project well on course. They have an extremely strong English core and the future looks extremely bright.

Surely, Tottenham are looking to make a massive statement and if they hold on to their stars this summer, it would officially announce Tottenham as a big club in Europe. With their world class stadium all set to be ready sooner or later, with a strong and young English core on the pitch, and with almost the whole first team having committed to the club on the long-term, Spurs would be unstoppable in the next few years’ time.

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