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‘Get Out As Soon As You Can’ – Tottenham Fans React To Walker’s Performance Against West Ham

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Kyle Walker Tottenham
Kyle Walker had a disappointing game against West Ham.

It was rather a huge nail in the coffin and it was heartbreaking. A season full of hope and belief came crashing down at the London stadium as Tottenham lost 1-0 to West Ham. The chance was there to close the gap between Chelsea down to 1 point. Somehow, it still remains 4. Should Chelsea win on Monday, they would be one win away from the title. As close as it was, it is now as far.

The loss wasn’t a collective failure, but it was rather few individual failures put together. Alli had an off night. While Kane and Eriksen gave it their all, some players like Walker and Davies struggled to get things right. Son Heung-min showed some spark but that wasn’t enough. It would be even fair to say that West Ham keeper Adrian kept Tottenham away from the title. The stopper produced some excellent saves and maybe it wasn’t meant to be after all?

The frustration of the fans is understandable. It is fair on their part to vent their anger out. After a consistent performance throughout the season where we had hardly lost a game in the league, it was written that we should lose to West Ham so late in the season.

People are calling it ‘bottling the league’ but we can rather consider it as a lesson learnt. It is easy to forget that this is only our 2nd title charge in two years. Where were we before that? So the bashing should probably be within its limit. The team had given it their all throughout the season and as painful as it is for the fans, it would be the same for the players as well.

However, just to instil little belief, let’s hope that Chelsea lose on Monday night? We know it is not even remotely possible but this is football and why not?

The fans were totally angered by the performance of Kyle Walker who was targeted by the Spurs faithful on Twitter. We managed to gather few tweets and put them together.

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