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Bundesliga Team Announced A Deal For Harry Kane, But It’s Not What You Think

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Harry Kane – the name has become so big in the last 3 years and he is the best striker in England and one of the best in Europe. Days are not far away for Kane to become ‘the best’ striker in the world. Such has been his phenomenal rise to the top and he won the golden boot last season after it looked like Lukaku would run away with it.

It is not surprising to see Kane perform so well and catch everyone’s interest. Surely, a lot of clubs will be dreaming of having Kane in their ranks and once certain Werder Bremen have openly admitted their admiration for our beloved English striker. The club’s official Twitter account posted a beautiful message praising Harry Kane and the German clubs, as they are known for their class, never cease to melt our heart and Bremen did exactly that.

Kane missed a good chunk of games and still ended up with 29 league goals! He scored an astonishing 7 goals in the final 2 games of the season and overtook the Everton man in the race for the golden boot.

Harry has proved that he is no one-season wonder and has caught everyone’s attention in the footballing world. Teams are craving to have a striker like Kane in their team and trust me, if there was one player who the rivals would want to have from our team, it would be this man.

Werder Bremen made no secret of this and posted this on their official Twitter account.

The Englishman scored 35 goals from just 38 games in all competitions last season and laid on 7 assists to his teammates. This is astonishingly higher when compared to his exploits in the 2015/16 season, where he scored 28 goals and 2 assists in 50 games. However, his tally was better in the 2014/15 season, where he contributed 31 goals and 6 assists.

As it usually is, for any player, the season right after their breakthrough season is an extremely difficult one as there would be a lot of expectations from the fans, and also because of the opponents being well prepared to deal with them. This might probably be the reason why Kane’s performance in the 2015/16 season was comparatively less effective when compared to his exploits last season and in the 2014/15 season.

Nevertheless, Kane has announced himself as a goal-scoring monster and Bremen, while we appreciate your interest, he isn’t for sale! Not even in your dreams and not even for fun.

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