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Tottenham Player’s Injuries Concern Fans And Gamers

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Tottenham, being one of the most popular football teams in the world, also has the eyes of the world on it. As soon as important things occur, like players being injured, the news spreads like wildfire. Many betting fans are very keen to learn information that can shift the odds in a particular game. Just check out sites like to get an understanding of the importance of such events.

A Dangerous Sport For Certain Joints

Tottenham currently has two players injured, Érik Lamela and Victor Wanyama. They suffer from a hip and knee injury, respectively. While football isn’t considered to be an especially violent or dangerous sport, it does, in fact, endanger certain joints in the body. Primarily, the knees and their ligaments are at a risk when playing a contact sport, where running fast is required.

Tottenham fans are naturally keen to see any injured players healed fast. While most sporting injuries are relatively mild, some very serious damage can be done to the knees while playing football. The ACL, PCL and other important ligaments can be torn, sometimes requiring surgery to be mended, as was the case for the Swedish super star mid-way through the season 2016/2017. Statistics show that for youth, playing outdoors greatly increase the risk of such injuries.

A Concern For Young Players And Professionals Alike

Since football is an especially injury-prone sport, many parents are concerned that their children will damage their bodies. Knee injuries are especially feared since the more serious versions can lead to lifelong problems in the joint. Good coaches know to inform players of these risks and make sure that steps are taken to avoid these injuries. Today, the term “prehab” has become popular to describe injury prevention.

Some Worry And Others See Opportunities

If your main interest in football is being a supporter of a specific club, you’ll naturally suffer with the players when injuries arise. For the betting fan, however, an injured player may be a cause to celebrate. His odds may be improved by such an event, or otherwise, create an opportunity to leverage the accident in the bettor’s favour. Whatever the reasons may be, all football fans are keen to find out when unfortunate injuries occur.


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