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Tottenham’s new stadium is coming up well and with the club having finished the season placed 3rd, we will be playing Champions League football in our new home next season.

The club have constantly shared updates about our 62,000 seater stadium which will feature a number of special aspects, one of which is the retractable pitch.

The £850m stadium will also host numerous concerts and NFL games and our new pitch was on display to all our fans as tests were being conducted at the site.

The pitch trays supplied by The SCX Group seem to be functioning perfectly.

There was a flurry of activity as the engineers kept an eye on the moving parts of the pitch as one part moved completely from one end to the other.

There was an even closer look at the technology in use as the official Twitter handle of Spurs showed a ground-level view of the machinery moving about and laying the pitch out.

It will be interesting to see if we have any issues with playing in a new stadium as we did initially when we shifted to Wembley.

Hopefully, we will play in the same manner as we did this season and finish better than third next time out. We will have a great new stadium to support the team from and maybe celebrate a few trophies and more.

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