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Tottenham’s Amazon documentary to be released as planned despite season being suspended

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Tottenham’s Amazon documentary ‘All or Nothing’ to be released as planned

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Amazon are planning to go ahead with the release of Tottenham Hotspur’s documentary, ‘All or Nothing’, in July, as planned previously, despite the season being currently suspended due to coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon have been following Tottenham with a camera crew throughout the season and are planning to release the documentary as per the schedule in place, irrespective of whether the season is completed by then or is declared null and void. (h/t Daily Mail)

Mauricio Pochettino David Ginola
Unseen footage from Pochettino’s sacking in November is expected to be seen in the documentary

According to the report, the production crew working on the documentary believes that they have more than enough footage to cover the eight-part series. The only question remaining for the crew is to whether end the documentary with the footage of season being suspended or are shoot the resumption of the campaign and Spurs’ pending matches.

Amazon’s crew had been filming Tottenham players in training post the suspension of the Premier League campaign and only stopped after the UK government imposed a lockdown due to the deadly pandemic. (h/t Daily Mail)

It is reported (h/t Daily Mail) that they were able to capture Son Heung-min’s return to training after 14 days of self-isolation following his trip to South Korea where he underwent surgery on his arm.

Given the absence of live sporting events due to the pandemic, Amazon are expecting huge viewing numbers for the Tottenham documentary if they go ahead with their planned release date in July.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho
Mourinho’s arrival at Tottenham’s training facility for the first time will also be seen in the docu-series (Image credit: Getty)

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It has been previously reported that the series would start with unseen footage of former manager Mauricio Pochettino’s sacking from Tottenham in November. The crew also filmed his replacement, Jose Mourinho’s arrival to the training ground for the first-time. (h/t Daily Mail)

The fallout from Eric Dier climbing into the ground to confront a fan who had been abusing his brother has also been captured. (h/t Daily Mail)

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