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Scoring a Goal: Football Training Gear Essentials

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Anyone that is into professional football will tell you how important training is. You can’t achieve great results on the field if you don’t give the maximum while practising your moves and learning new tactics. And of course, the proper training gear also has a big contribution to your final performance. Let’s see the essentials you need for practising football. 

Football Goals

Goals are maybe one of the first things that come to mind when in need of shopping for . There are many different types of football goals but we’re going to focus on Samba goals. Samba goals are available in a variety of dimensions to suit both kids and grown-up players alike.

They are constructed out of high-impact uPVC with heavy-duty corners that are able to withstand the impact of the ball even if it’s a fierce shot. Usually, the parts from which the goal is made are reinforced and thick with a 2.5mm UV stabilised goal net. 

Samba football goals have a special samba locking system. That means that all the parts stay locked together during the game. The materials from which the goals are made are completely waterproof and can withstand any weather conditions so you have the freedom to leave the goal outside in the open without worrying about damage. Then again, it is fully portable too, so in case you need to take it elsewhere, you can easily take it apart, transport it and assemble it again.

Samba football goals have quite an impressive reputation when it comes to training equipment. In fact, many worldly renowned academies and professional players choose Samba goals over anything else. I am sure you’re quite familiar with Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United – they all use Samba goals for training.

As mentioned, Samba goals are suitable for little kids to use too. Children up to the age of 7 can use these goals and place them in the garden. Additionally, you can get shooting targets from the soccer store that can help improve shooting accuracy and free kicks in kids.

The assembly is quick and easy and so is the removal if the kids don’t need the targets anymore. Usually, kids only aim towards the centre of the net only. So, this type of football gear is a great way to encourage them to aim toward the corners too.

Training Footballs and Cones

Although training footballs are primarily made for training, they are of the highest quality and are tested to International Match Standards. The outer shell is strong and made from materials that are water-resistant so that the ball suffers little to no damage over time. There are three sizes available as well as many colours and prints. 

Training balls rarely lose their original shape and are really lightweight. Some even have abrasive proof outer that provides enhanced grip and control. Training balls give young children control when dribbling or passing as well as confidence when heading the ball.

The cones on the other hand, are used to better organise the training field and simplify the learning of new football techniques. Training cones are quite durable and come in different vibrant colours.

Usually, soft cones are the best choice for training so that the player doesn’t get injured. Training cones can help in building speed, agility and reflexes in football players.

Passing Arcs and Mannequins

Passing arcs are used for improving the passing and control skills and make for great targets. They’re made from steel and can easily be placed firmly on the grass and removed thanks to the steel spikes on each side. With a small alteration, arc bases can also be used on hard surfaces. 

The weight of the passing arcs is around 2kg while the size is 450mm x 475mm. You can get a passing arc bag in case you need to transport them somewhere. The bag is made from tough PVC material with nylon mesh sides that allow for quick drying if the equipment is wet. You can place approximately 6 arcs in one bag.

The mannequins are made from metal and rubber, are quite heavy and high and mostly used by players to practice their penalty shooting. They are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use and the height depends on the type of players. For kids, it’s recommended to use mannequins with a smaller height while seniors practice with full-sized mannequins.   

Bibs and Training Equipment Bags

Training bibs are used in order to distinguish one team from the other on the playground. Usually, the bibs are like vests, made from quality materials that are easy to wash and dry away quickly. Both beginners, kids and professional players use bibs while they’re training or playing a game. They come in different sizes from which the largest one is XL.

Also, there are reversible bibs that can be worn from both sides and are especially convenient for when the players need to change quickly. The most common colour combinations are red/yellow and green/blue.

Along with them, you can get a mesh bib bag from the soccer store for easy transportation. The bags are quite big and can hold up to 30 bibs at a time. Plus, you can wash them all together along with the bag in a washing machine without it getting damaged.

Then again, football players also need big duffle bags to store all the necessary training equipment like spare clothes, spare trainers, water bottles and small valuables like phone, keys, wallet etc.

These bags usually have a lot of small zip pockets that aid the organisation, as well as short and long handles which make the bag easy to carry around. You can find plenty of different sizes and designs and they all have quite a big capacity. The materials used for the production of these bags are quite strong, usually heavy-duty PVC which makes the bags durable. 

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