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“I’ve always said I’m ready”- English tactician reiterates desire to become permanent Tottenham manager

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Ryan Mason lavishes praise on Tottenham Hotspur star Yves Bissouma following performance vs Aston Villa.

Ryan Mason makes open admission about vacant Tottenham Hotspur job

Speaking in an interview as quoted by Fabrizio Romano, Ryan Mason, the interim head coach of Tottenham Hotspur, has made an open and heartfelt admission about his desire to take on the role permanently.

Since the departure of Antonio Conte, Spurs have been on the lookout for a new head coach to lead the team into a new era. As the interim coach, Mason has stepped up to the plate and shown great determination and dedication.

One of the most significant aspects of Mason’s approach is his unwavering belief in the players. He understands their capabilities and has shown a willingness to put his trust in their abilities.

This belief has translated into a renewed sense of confidence on the pitch, with the team displaying a more cohesive and spirited performance under his guidance. Ryan Mason‘s emphasis on unity and teamwork has also been notable. He has fostered a positive atmosphere within the squad, encouraging players to work together and support one another.

This renewed camaraderie has had a profound impact on the team’s morale, resulting in improved performances and a greater sense of collective responsibility. Furthermore, Mason’s tactical acumen cannot be overlooked.

He has shown a willingness to adapt and make changes when necessary, demonstrating his ability to think on his feet and make decisive decisions. His tactical approach has injected a sense of dynamism and flexibility into the team.

Ryan Mason as Tottenham's permanent manager?
Copyright: xMichaelxZemanek/BPI/Shutterstockx 11872513cw
Ryan Mason as Tottenham’s permanent manager? Copyright: Michael Zemanek/BPI/Shutterstock 11872513cw

Here is what Mason had to say about the club’s permanent managerial appointment and whether he is ready for it

“I’ve always said I’m ready. I’m ready for this moment. I feel like I can help the club. I believe in the club. I believe that there’s many people here that want to make it right”.

Mason’s words reflect his understanding of the challenges that lie ahead for Tottenham Hotspur. With a strong belief in the potential of the team, Mason is eager to contribute his expertise and guide the club towards success.

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If Tottenham are to appoint Mason, it’ll be a huge gamble that they’ll be taking. It is an interesting option to ponder over though. Let’s see.

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