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“Never wavered”- ATP ace opens up on his admiration for Tottenham Hotspur

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Tennis star Nick Kyrgios reveals why he supports Tottenham Hotspur

Speaking on a chat with Men’s Health, Tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios has surprised fans with his unwavering support for Tottenham Hotspur.

Renowned for his rebellious nature both on and off the court, Kyrgios has been spotted proudly donning the iconic white jersey of Spurs during major tennis tournaments, straying from the conventional attire expected in the sport.

As the 33rd-ranked player in the ATP, Kyrgios couldn’t contain his excitement when Ange Postecoglou, a fellow Australian, was appointed as the new manager of Tottenham Hotspur and he revealed his admiration for the club.

With the club aiming to redeem themselves after a lacklustre eighth-placed finish last season, the 57-year-old Postecoglou will undoubtedly need to instil the same fiery determination and fighting spirit that Kyrgios himself is renowned for.

Although Kyrgios has been sidelined by injury for a considerable part of the year, he has played some of the better tennis of his career over the past year. In his typical candid fashion, Kyrgios shared a humorous anecdote about how his support for the North London club began.

“It’s a funny story, you’ll like this. I’m an avid gamer, and I used to really enjoy playing FIFA. Back then, I had a soft spot for Emmanuel Adebayor, who happened to be playing for Spurs. That’s when my loyalty to the club developed, and it has never wavered since”

Emmanuel Adebayor’s stint with Tottenham was an eventful one. Initially joining the club on loan from Manchester City during the 2011/12 season, Adebayor’s contributions on the pitch were nothing short of exceptional.

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios reveals why he supports Tottenham Hotspur.
Nick Kyrgios is an avid supporter of Tottenham Hotspur. (Photo by Tim Goode/Pool via Getty Images)

The Togolese forward netted an impressive 42 goals and provided 20 assists in 113 appearances for Spurs. His skill and charisma resonated with Kyrgios, leaving an indelible mark on the young tennis star’s heart.

Kyrgios was forced to pull out of the upcoming Wimbledon following the latest setback that he suffered. Like him or hate him, the Australian is always a live wire on the court and is never short of excitement.

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Kyrgios, like all other Tottenham fans are excited for the project under Postecoglou. Let’s see how it goes.

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