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How to Bet on Spurs Games

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Following your favourite team can be even more interesting when you decide to bet on the outcome of their games as well. How can you start betting on Spurs games and what might the future hold for this type of wager?

Look for a Reputable Sports Betting Site

Depending on where you live, you’ll find a variety of sports betting sites that are authorized to operate there.

These are reputable and professional sites that you can use with confidence to bet on a wide range of sports. With the English Premier League now popular around the planet, it’s easy to find bets on these games as well as many other leagues from different countries.

Sign up for a site that has good reviews, and you can then look for a welcome offer that gives you a free bet or some other sort of bonus. You can start placing wagers on the games that you feel you can predict the outcome of, whether that’s a game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium or elsewhere.

Choose the Type of Bet and the Amount

The most straightforward type of sports bet is where you place your wager on the outcome of the game.

So, if Spurs are playing Arsenal, you can see the odds listed for either team winning, as well as those for a draw occurring. This type of bet is either going to win or lose, so you get a result either way at the end of the game. In addition, you can bet on markets such as the number of goals scored and other factors.

Live betting is recently a new addition to sports betting sites. This works like the previous type we covered but with the extra element of being able to place your wager once the game has started.

If you’re watching a Spurs game live and see that the momentum is swinging one way or the other, you might decide to bet on what you think will happen next.

The option of cashing out early has made live betting even more interesting. If we go back to that example of a game against Arsenal, if you bet on Spurs and they are winning late in the second half, but Arsenal looks like mounting a fightback, you might decide to cash out now rather than losing your bet. Equally any big substitutions or injuries could make you decide to close the bet early.

You can also bet on things that won’t be known for some time, such as Spurs winning the league or a cup.

The odds on these wagers will generally change greatly over the course of a season, as the team’s fortunes fluctuate and they become more or less likely to achieve the stated outcome, or their initial squad for the season improves or loses quality in some way.

This type of bet may add extra interest to the season for you, although there’s also the risk that it becomes obvious that you won’t win long before the end of the season.

Could We See Spurs-Themed Casino Games?

An interesting development in American sports in recent has seen some of their top sports franchises appear in sponsored casino games, joining the other themed games. This can be seen in the example of slots, which are known as pokies in some countries and are generally offered with a wide selection of themes. The list of gives us examples of games based on sports but with none linked to particular teams. The likes of Zombie FC and World Cup are based on football though and show us how a Spurs-themed game could look, with the background showing the stadium and various players as the paying symbols or wilds. The gameplay is similar across most slots, so it’s a question of the developers putting the right images in place to make it Spurs-themed.

We’ve also seen the introduction of sports into live casino betting on games such as roulette or blackjack.

In these cases, a human dealer runs the games while relaying the latest sports news. This could provide an unusual way of keeping up to date with the latest Spurs news while playing a casino game for cash at the same time.

Casino games that use a licensed trademark can also provide income for the owner of the copyright.

This could mean that the developer pays them a fee to create the games, or else they pay a share of the profits on an ongoing basis.

Either way, this could prove to be an additional way of generating some income for the club while giving fans new games to explore.

The rapid evolution of sports betting in recent years means that there are now many ways of doing this, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more ways to bet on Spurs appearing in the near future.

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