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Tottenham transfer boost as Napoli provide clear pathway to defensive stalwart

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Tottenham transfer boost as Napoli provide clear pathway to defensive stalwart

Reason why Napoli will not consider signing Tottenham target Radu Dragusin

Tottenham Hotspur’s pursuit of Genoa’s promising centre-back Radu Dragusin has been a topic of much interest in the recent transfer window. Spurs have shown strong intent in bolstering their defensive line by targeting Dragusin, with negotiations and bids actively underway.

The North London club had an initial verbal bid of €23 million turned down, reflecting Genoa’s valuation closer to €30 million. A revised offer of €25 million plus bonuses from Tottenham was also rejected​. This is according to journalist Sacha Tavolieri.

However, an interesting development has emerged concerning another club interested in Dragusin, Italian giants Napoli. Despite their keen interest in the 21-year-old defender, Napoli face a unique obstacle that is deterring them from pursuing the Romanian player further. The issue at hand is related to the player’s image rights.

Dragusin has sold his image rights to an external company, a move that conflicts with Napoli’s policy. Napoli traditionally requires all their players to hand over their image rights to the club, a stipulation that Dragusin currently does not meet.

This clash of interests over image rights has been a significant reason why Napoli has not moved forward with their interest in signing Dragusin, despite their initial keenness. It is a very fascinating reason to miss out on a player.

The situation around image rights in football has become increasingly important and complex in recent years. Image rights pertain to the commercial use of a player’s likeness, name, and other personal branding elements.

Tottenham target Radu Dragusin won't be joining Napoli
Tottenham target Radu Dragusin won’t be joining Napoli

Clubs often seek control over these rights to maximize their marketing and commercial revenue, involving player endorsements, merchandise, and promotional activities. For players, retaining control over their image rights can offer significant financial benefits and personal brand control.

From Tottenham’s perspective, the situation with Napoli not pursuing Dragusin could be seen as an advantage. With one less competitor in the race, Spurs might have a clearer path to negotiate with Genoa for Dragusin’s transfer.

However, the complexity of image rights and their impact on player transfers is a reminder of the multifaceted nature of modern football negotiations. It’s not just about agreeing on a transfer fee with the selling club but also aligning with the player’s personal and commercial interests.

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In this particular situation though, we seem to stand to benefit from Dragusin’s decisions. Let’s wait and see if Spurs manage to sign the Romanian defensive powerhouse.

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