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Piers Morgan rips into ‘tiny’ Tottenham; fails to see Arsenal irony

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Piers Morgan critical of Tottenham after loss to Manchester City

Piers Morgan, never one to shy away from stirring the pot, has unleashed a rant against Tottenham Hotspur, voicing his deep disappointment and “ashame” in the club’s behaviour during their recent clash against Manchester City.

The outspoken Arsenal fan found himself in a state of disbelief after allegedly witnessing some Tottenham supporters advocate for their team to lose to Manchester City, all in an effort to thwart Arsenal’s title ambitions. It’s a scenario that, for many football fans, seems unfathomable – the idea of actively cheering on your team’s defeat for the sake of hindering a rival’s success.

But such is the intensity of football rivalries, particularly in the fiercely contested North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham, that emotions can sometimes cloud judgment and lead to actions that defy logic.

Here is what Morgan told live on talkSPORT:

“It’s a tiny club mentality. They were actually dancing in celebration as City scored against them. Wearing City shirts and jumping around because that’s the nearest they’ll ever going to get to winning anything. It was the most humiliating, self-harming act of treachery I’ve ever watched. I’ve woken up this morning knowing what it feels like to be a Spurs fan for a day it is horrible. I’ve woken up with a massive headache, I’ve hardly had any sleep, I drank too much and I had a sense of self-loathing that only disappeared when I remembered I’m an Arsenal fan.”

Now, you’d think a bloke like Morgan would have enough on his plate cheering for Arsenal, right? But nah, he’s got to stick his oar in when it comes to Tottenham too. Seems like he just can’t help himself.

Anyway, Morgan’s not holding back with his criticism. He’s calling out Tottenham’s alleged “tiny club mentality” and slamming their fans for what he sees as “self-harming treachery.” Strong words, but you can’t deny there’s a point there. To see supporters openly root against their own team, simply to spite their rivals is surely not something you see on the daily.

And as for Ange Postecoglou. Well, Morgan reckons he should’ve done more to nip this whole debacle in the bud. Fair play to Ange for giving a piece of his mind to a fan near the dugout, but maybe he should’ve stamped this nonsense out before it even started.

Piers Morgan critical of Tottenham after loss to Man City.
Piers Morgan critical of Tottenham after loss to Man City.

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Even though he’s underlyingly right, Morgan’s tirade serves as a reminder that, as much as he loves to hate on Tottenham, maybe he should stick to being an Arsenal fan instead. After all, there’s plenty to moan about with the Gunners being the bottlejobbers they are, so why bother getting involved with Spurs too? Best leave the Tottenham critique to someone else, Piers.

Ironically, it was their Arsenal’s mentality that saw them play for a draw away to Manchester City. A decision that effectively saw them win the battle but lose the war.

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