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Worrying words from Redknapp and co.

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The week hasn’t started off well for Tottenham.

Top target Mirko Vucinic snubs the club’s offer, instead plumping for Juventus while there are no signs of any movements upcoming.

All Spurs fans heard on Monday were the worries of manager Harry Redknapp claiming they cannot compete with the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool while number-two Kevin Bond claims, if they offer is right, Luka Modric could be sold.

Doesn’t exactly instill confidence into the fans and players really does it?

Next season could well be make-or-break for Spurs.

A year in the Champions League showcased the clubs inability to balance both domestic and European duties while finishing outside the top four saw Spurs fall down a level on the European ladder. 

Modric wants out, and he has made that abruptly clear no matter how hard Daniel Levy sticks his fingers in his ears or how loud he bellows out ‘la la la I can’t hear you’.

But how long is it before the likes of Rafael Van der Vaart or Gareth Bale request to jump ship? 

If Spurs don’t pick up the pace in the remaining month of the transfer window and bring in some quality to match the ambitions that Redknapp himself, stupidly, set about in front of him, they will be lagging behind their rivals in the hunt for some serious silverware.

As Redknapp keeps one eye cast over the potential England job, this year could end in delight or disaster for the fans depending on the arrivals and departures over the next 31 days.

Knowing Spurs, they will play hard-boil until the very last minute, eventually selling Modric for around £40m in which Levy will either pull a rabbit out of the hat and bringing in some genuine quality to replace Modric and the club will be left with another ‘almost’ signing, ala Charlie Adam in January.

Nonetheless, the week has started off worryingly badly for Spurs fans and, it appears, for the the management as well. Our Player of the Year wants out and Redknapp and Bond have indicated that the club are willing to sell.

On a completely off-topic matter, this isn’t the first time a Spurs player of the year has wanted out after winning the award. Robbie Keane, when he was good, did it in 2008 and Modric is doing it now.

So, in a nutshell, my nomination of Jermaine Jenas 10 months early may not be so far-fetched as originally thought. Hopefully he decides he wants to leave, hands in a request, and secures a big money move to Birmingham or Villa or Stoke or someone like that.

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