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Would you be happy if Spurs signed Adebayor?

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Adebayor, Adebayor, he ran 90 yards, to slide on the floor.

We’ve all heard the original and I dare say, a majority of Spurs fans have sung it as well, myself included.

But that hasn’t stopped Adebayor being linked with a move back to North London, albeit, with the white half rather than the red.

ITK’s have been going crazy that his signing may be announced in time for the United game on Monday night while Redknapp has confirmed that a deal isn’t far from being concluded.

Yet, the question still arises, would you be happy if Adebayor joined Spurs?

This is a player who turned out for them lot down the road, scored countless goals at White Hart Lane and goaded the Spurs faithful when doing so.

He also admitted he came close to joining Spurs back in January but had his head turned by the overtures of Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid.

It would be hard to hold that against him however, as any player would happily play for the Spanish giants given the chance.

It’s his time with Arsenal that may leave some fans sceptical about him moving back to N17 but is anyone really going to hold that against him?

Everyone remembers his 90 yard sprint when Manchester City beat Arsenal 4-2 at the, back then, City of Manchester stadium back in 2009 while his stamp on Van Persie, as malicious as it was, saw his estimation rise ten fold even in the most resilient of Spurs fan.

And let’s face it, he knows where the back of the net is at White Hart Lane, something our strikers cannot boast about.

The Togolese forward may have played his part in ensuring Real moved on into the semi-finals at the expense of the Lilywhites but, coming up against Europe’s most successful team was always going to be a tricky affair no matter whether he was playing or not.

If I’m being honest, I would be delighted is Adebayor signed for Spurs. I never thought I would be saying that but putting pride to one side, we desperately need a new striker to lead the front-line this season. The current trio aren’t good enough to play the lone role and his power, pace and ability tick all the boxes when it comes to playing the target man.

Van der Vaart will be a perfect foil for the 27-year-old and the sooner this move happens, the better it will be for Tottenham.

As for any fans still unsure of his move because of his Arsenal links, remember William Gallas? I think I’ve made my point.

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