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The view from the oppo MK:II

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So, with City next, I now have another View from the oppo for you lucky Spurs fans.

Here are the views from Rachel who runs the Manchester City equivalent of this site.

1) What do you think will be the outcome of Sunday’s match?

Tough one to call and a weird thing to say but this really is a game that can go all three ways. Spurs will want to bounce back from their defeat at Old Trafford on Monday and with the Everton game postponed it’s their first chance to show their home fans what they can do, we also don’t have the best record at White Hart Lane and if last season is anything to go by Joe Hart will need to be on form again! On the other hand City’s performances have been impressive so far, I therefore after a long explanation think both teams will cancel each other out and predict a 1-1 draw.

2) Who are likely to be the danger men?

For us David Silva is our key man, I always say every game that the opposition cannot allo Silva to have a lot of the ball otherwise he will make things happen, his control and balance are second to none and Spurs will have to stop his creativity. Also Edin Dzeko has been on top form recently, he finally looks comfortable in the team, his partner Aguero isn’t too bad either!

For Spurs it has to be Rafael Van der Vaart, he had such as impressive season last year, a class act with a number of goals to match, Defoe always seems to nick a goal against us so will have to watch out for him too.

3) Do you think Spurs have it in them to challenge for the top 4 again?

I think they do especially if they keep hold of Luka Modric although I’m not sure whether they will, the only thing may be if the Europa League gets in the way as there are a number of games in that competition. I’m not sure if they will match United, Chelsea or City but I don’t see why they can’t finish above another certain team in North London!

4) What is your opinion of Emmanuel Adebayor?

I actually like him, admittedly he does look lazy at times and tends to be offside a lot but he still has that goal-scoring nack. I feel a bit sorry for him, in his first season he was banned twice (although both his own fault) between that he had the horrific experience on the Togo bus so his whole season was broken up, however I think he still had a record of something like 14 goals from 21 games which still gives him a goal every one and a half games, he has the ability and I think he will be a success for Spurs.

5) Do City have what it takes to win the league?

First of all, I never thought I would hear this question, not unless we were talking about the old Division 1 or 2! In all seriousness we have the calibre of players to be able to compete for the league as long as we are able to handle that and the Champions League then we may have a chance although if we are to go for the league I think Mancini needs to take a few more risks against the bigger teams, he needs to have the belief that we can beat the bigger teams as our record last season was average, we shall see if he takes any risks with our first real challenge on Sunday.

6) Your best signing of the summer?

Has to be Sergio Aguero, everyone knows how good he is and even though we have now got Sami Nasri who is a fantastic player; Aguero stands out for me as a world-class signing and I’m hoping he can score a lot of important goals for us this season.

7) Is Balotelli mental or just a misguided individual?

This question made me laugh! He certainly is a character, he does seem to take things to heart and becomes angry when there is no need to be although I’m hoping he matures and grows out of it, his play acting is also ridiculous but I can’t help but like him! I think when theres a story about Balotelli sometimes its blown out of proportion because its Balotelli for example the t-shirt incident I’m sure he didn’tmean to offend anyone and the backheel wasn’t really a big deal (say no more haha), there are a lot of good things he does though which don’t receive too much publicity. I will say he is misguided but certainly with the help of experienced professionals within the club for example Patrick Vieira, he can hopefully learn from him and others.

8) The summers best signing?

I hadn’t heard of Gervinho before his move to Arsenal but I was impressed with him against Udinese, I also think Juan Mata is a good acquisition for Chelsea and Phil Jones is a promising talent for Man United but I’ll be biased and say Sergio Aguero!

9) If City couldn’t win the title, who would you rather did?

If it was possible that Liverpool could win the league I wouldn’t mind although I don’t think they will be there quite yet, if not City or Liverpool then anyone other than last seasons winners.

10) Is Mancini the man to take City forward?

I think he is, I’m not a fan of fans that get on the managers back as soon as there’s a negative result and lets face it City will lose a game and when they do it will be “Mancini out”, there’s no point chopping and changing, you just find yourself back to square 1 and theres no stability, City fans (the real fans) have gone through thick and thin and are now ecstatic at these promising times, what’s there to complain about? Mancini has given us an FA Cup and the potential to possibly win more.

11) Where else do City need to strengthen?

A lot of fans would say no more but for me even though Joleon Lescott had a good second half of the season last season I don’t think he is in the same class as Vincent Kompany and I would like a class centre half to partner him, I wouldn’t mind Gary Cahill from Bolton he is turning out to be a really good player.

12) Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi all the way!

Cheers for your views Rachel, I really appreciate it!

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