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The view from the oppo

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After a 0-0 draw away at PAOK last night, all the attention focues back onto the Premier League.

Next up is Liverpool on Sunday and another View from the Oppo is bought to you in time for the game at hand.

1) What do you think the score will be on Sunday?

I think it will be a hard fought game. It always hard for any team to play at White Hart Lane (apart from Man City but I won’t go on about that seeing as I am writing for a Spurs website!!) but despite losing our last match away at Stoke I still believe we are a strong side, so I am going to go for a 2-1 win to us.

2) Who will be the key men for both sides?

I would say Modric but I am firm believer if somebody hasn’t got there heart in their team they don’t deserve to wear the shirt week in week out. Saying that, I thought he was excellent against Wolves at the weekend. Levy said he wasn’t going anywhere from Day One and he has delivered on that promise.  So the key player I am going to go for is Ade. Wherever he has gone, he has scored goals. Simple as. So I think he will be the player to watch for Sunday’s game.

For us, it has to be Suarez. Great work-rate, skill, power, pace, this guy has it all. I will be honest the only time I had heard of him, before he signed for us, is when he handball in last year’s world cup game against Ghana. I don’t like listening to hype around a player. I prefer to watch him first and then form an opinion. And he is just magical to watch with or without the ball. So yeah, Suarez for us.

3) Who do you believe is the signing of the season thus far?

This is a hard question. Lots of signing’s this year that will make the best league in the world even better. Good to see Riise back in the EPL. Loved him when he played for us so I was happy when I heard he had signed for Fulham. Mata for Chelsea looks like a good signing as well. Saw him score last night against Bayer Leverkusen and he seems to have gelled into the squad quickly. Ashley Young looks like he has been in that United squad for years but my signing of the season has to be Sergio Aguero. Absolutely breathtaking to watch and I am sure he could fit into any squad in the world and score goals.

4) Who do you feel has been Liverpool’s best signing?

We have made a few signings after King Kenny took over so I am lucky enough to have a few to pick from. Henderson is an amazing raw talent which I think will flourish at Liverpool under the guidance of Dalglish and the more senior players but Adams is the best signing we made this season. His passing, crossing and set-pieces are second to none. I was lucky enough to go to the Bernabeu a few weeks ago to watch Real vs Galatasaray and I saw similarities between Adams and Alonso. We have been looking for a player to replace him ever since he left for Madrid and I think we have found it in the form of Charlie. Blackpool lost their captain but we have definitely gained an outstanding player.

5) And Spurs?

We all knew Scott Parker was going to leave West Ham but where would he end up? I think Spurs was the best choice for him in terms of he wouldn’t have to uproot his family and it is only a short drive across the capital! You wouldn’t win the FWA Player Of The Year 10-11 if you weren’t half decent so Scott Parker has been the best signing of the year for you guys.

6) Who do you think will win the league?

Four games in and Manchester is looking like a good bet on who’s going to win the league. But which half? Red or Blue? United or City? Ferguson or Mancini? In my humble opinion I can’t call it. I wish I could answer this question but I can only narrow it down to one city in the north west. I wish I could Liverpool but it will be Manchester winning the Premier League this season.

7) Who is harder, Chuck Norris or Mr T?

Chuck Norris! Hands down!! Next question…..

8) If you could have any Spurs player at Liverpool, who would it be and why?

Bale. I love the good old fashioned winger that would run at the full back with pace, so I guess that’s why I would like to have him in our team. Plus his family lives down the road from where I live now.

9) Do you think Liverpool can win the league?

Simple answer, No. In a few seasons, maybe. I believe we will get Champions League football back at Anfield (where it belongs!) next season but with other clubs strengthening further it is getting harder and harder to reach that number one spot.

10) Would you go out drinking with Andy Carroll?

In a heartbeat! But I don’t know if I would be able to understand his strong Geordie accent when drunk though!

11)  Can he out-drink Ledley ‘legless’ King? 

Only one way to find out, get them both in a club and let the hilarity begin…

12) Are you pleased about the appointment of Kenny Dalglish?

Extremely happy!! He was successful the first time in charge so I am hoping he can bring the glory days back to The Kop!

So, there we have it, the views of a Liverpool fan as the two sides gear up for what should be an exciting encounter between the two.

This weeks View from the Oppo was bought to you by former housemate and Liverpool fan Balvinder Bains.

Balve currently works for Radio Cardiff 98.7fm or if, like me, you don’t use a radio anymore, you can listen to his soothing baritones here.

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