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The view from the oppo

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Good evening ladies and gents, their hasn’t been a View from the Oppo in recent months due to the struggle of finding fans from opposition fans. However, below are the answers from Jogger of the brilliant Everton website The Blue Kipper.

1) How would you rate Everton’s season so far?

Really disappointing. We are not playing well at the moment and even our victories have not been convincing ones. We need a lift from somewhere but we are Evertonians, we get used to it

2) Who do you think will be the danger men for either side on Wednesday night?

You have too many to mention, but Bale is your top man. Our best player is Leighton Baines by a distance. If someone could get on the end of the crosses it would be better

3) Where do Everton need to strengthen in January?

We desperately need someone to out the ball in the sack. The injury to Jagielka hasn’t helped, because Moyesy may look to strengthen the defence. But if you ask Everton fans we need a goalscorer

4) Would you take Steven Pienaar back?

Yes I would, because he was a good player and we need good players

5) Who was Everton’s best signing of the summer?

Not too many to talk about. Royston Drenthe has got something about him, something always happens when he’s on the pitch, but not always good things

6) Would you consider Spurs genuine title contenders?

Definitely, I would love to see you win it

7) Which three Spurs players would you have at Everton and why?

Bale, Adeybayor, Van de Vaart, because they would get in our side

8) How long before you overcome Liverpool again?

We have nothing to worry about when it comes to the redshite. We will always be better than them in every way. We do things the right way. Always have done, always will do. Don’t forget we were chosen.

9) What do you think of lava lamps?

I think they are a scientific breakthrough! Well, they were in the 70s. Invented by Evertonians, of course. How those Blue Boys in the lab managed to contain molten lava in a rocket shaped lamp is a stroke of genius! A lump fried gold! Where would we be without the Blue Boffins?

10) What do you think the score will be on Wednesday?

I would be over the moon with a draw, a cheeky 1-1

A special thanks to Jogger for the above answers. And if you’re interested in finding out what the answers to the questions fired our way was, simply click here.

Ben McAleer

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