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Are you saying ‘Boo’? Or ‘Booourns’?

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I bloody hate supporting Tottenham Hotspur from time to time, not because of the players or the result, but rather the knee-jerking fans that are jumping on the back of the manager because we haven’t picked up nine points from a possible nine this season. The backlash as a result of Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Norwich City was beyond embarrassing.

Last week it was the booing at full-time following the stalemate with West Bromwich Albion. Spurs didn’t have to wait that long for the fans’ to voice their disappointment, as the likes of Jermain Defoe, Gareth Bale and William Gallas trudged down to the changing room at half-time. As I sat in my seat, taking in what I was hearing, I was bloody appalled by the behaviour of some so-called ‘supporters’.

Yes, the first-half was a disappointment as Spurs struggled to find the creative spark in the middle the pitch and failed to find any cohesion between the midfield and the front-line. Defoe was increasingly isolated on his own, with former Spur Sebastien Bassong and Leon Barnett both dominant when pitted against the pint-sized hit-man, while Bale, Aaron Lennon and Gylfi Sigurdsson were struggling to make any headway in the encounter.

Yes, fans have every right to be maddened about the result yesterday, having spent money on tickets, transport etc., but booing the players, at half-time especially, is hardly going to help matters. Andre Villas-Boas was bought in as Harry Redknapp’s successor, a move that hasn’t gone down well with some of the Spurs faithful.

This was painstakingly evident during the encounter when some fans were thought to be chanting for Redknapp’s return. That isn’t exactly going to help matters now is it? Neither was the booing at half-time, nor full-time.

Back the manager

Wow. The backlash after the game…wow. Some already calling for Villas-Boas to be sacked. Many voicing their concerns about the upcoming. Do you know what? We’ve played three games. That’s right; three. 3. Three. This isn’t the 10th, 20th or 38th game of the season, but the 3rd. After 270 minutes of Premier League football, some sections of Spurs supporters want chairman Daniel Levy to sack a manager that was the most coveted across Europe a little over 12 months ago.

Here is a suggestion; how about backing him and, you know, supporting him? Did any of you really think that Spurs would romp to 5-0 wins against Newcastle, West Brom and Norwich? Is it our god given right to be topping the table this early? No. It was never going to happen. The fortunes of the club weren’t going to change instantaneously, despite what many would have wrongly assumed.

The changes will take time. Villas-Boas has inherited a squad that no longer boasts Ledley King and, following his appointment to an extent, Luka Modric. The players would have been accustomed to Redknapp’s coaching methods, with the youngster more tactically astute than the veteran and for what he is given credit for.

The booing was un-called for. It’s the last thing he needs, especially since he is already coming under copious amounts of pressure following his appointment. The media are doing that enough as it is, let alone fans to add to the weight that has been thrust upon his shoulders. He’s our manager and like any set of supporters, he should be back to the hilt, regardless of whether he is wanted at the club or not.

Ditch the double defensive pivot

At Newcastle, many weren’t surprised to see Sandro and Jake ‘the Enfield Iniesta’ Livermore man the midfield. Villas-Boas needed to bring in some steel to counter-act the influence of both Cheick Tiote and Yohan Cabaye. At home to West Brom, it was perplexing but against Norwich; it simply wasn’t necessary.

Having the duo in the middle of the park stifled the creativity, with the defence often being forced into long balls to Jermain Defoe; hardly the most ideal outlet. Livermore and Sandro sat too deep to really cause any damage through the midfield and as such; Gylfi Sigurdsson often found himself isolated and unable to really make his mark during the encounter.

The half-time introduction of Moussa Dembele meant Spurs had that creative spark they were desperately lacking in the first-half and it paid off 24 minutes after his introduction when the Belgian netted the opener and his debut goal. Away from home, playing two holding midfielders works fine, but at home; it isn’t necessary, with teams travelling to White Hart Lane often looking to stifle the hosts and hit them on the counter rather than looking to attack them.

Gallas isn’t a starter

I like William Gallas. Have done since he signed from Arsenal, regardless of his past. He brings experience and a winning mentality into a squad that is often devoid throughout the squad. But to call him a starter is a bit over the top. He’s a good squad player, but was again ropey against Norwich, with Grant Holt, Simeon Jackson and Steve Morison all comfortably capable of getting the better of the 35-year-old.

He is a great squad member to have around, but he just can’t cut being a starter anymore, especially at his age. He has proven his inadequacies once again this season and as captain, he isn’t much of a leader. It would be wiser for Villas-Boas to recall Michael Dawson or even start Steven Caulker ahead of the Frenchman, who looks to not have the legs on him anymore.

Patience, please?

Sitting in the post-match press conference, it was refreshing to hear of Villas-Boas’ honesty. He knows of the fans frustrations and understands the need to pick up three points. He also called for patience until that win comes and he deserves it to make it work. As mentioned, everything isn’t to click into life all at once and it will take time. Let’s give that to him, yeah?


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24 thoughts on “Are you saying ‘Boo’? Or ‘Booourns’?”

  1. I did not boo, and I do not like booing. However I think that 90% of the booers were booing because of the performance – or rather lack of it – NOT because of dropped points. More of the personnel are the same – yet they have forgotten how to pass, how to move, how to show for the ball. Yes, if we got 3 points, there would not be booing, but that is only delaying the inevitable if we do not start performing in a manner to match the personnel that are on the field. Asking AVB to stop playing 2 holding midfielders is like asking Harry to play 4-3-3. They have to play in their own manner. That was what he was hired for.

  2. Thank you. 100% agreement.

    I've been absolutely disgusted by our fans. Not just in the stadium but all over.

    The forums are full of morons who think that either Levy or AVB have destroyed our club.

    3 fucking games. 3.

  3. were all the assholes who were booing the same pricks who could not wait for rednapp to leave for england or be sacked, avb will get it right when he has everybody settled to the system he wants to play, not his fault most of the new signings only arrived in the few days of transfer window, the guy is a very intellegient coach with a top football pedegree who just needs a chance to prove this, i have every faith we will be competing for the top four , the fans just need to back off and relax and let the players play without this uncalledfor pressure so early.

  4. Newcastle was always a tough game, but we have had 2 home games against opposition who will be expected to finish in the bottom half of the table, I feel the fans have a right to boo the result. & the performance in the first half on Saturday.
    I am sure if Harry was still in charge the boos would have been the same with these results

    I agree we are setting up to defensive, no need for 2 holding players at home against weaker opposition

    And Gallas should not have been allowed to wear a Tottenham shirt after his display at Wembley, I would feel 10 times more comfortable with Ledley playing with one leg than Gallas.

    when i heard VDV had gone, & the Moutinho bid was accepted i thought it was guarunteed as surely we would not let VDV go without a replacement being assured, this is a mistake

    do we have a stronger squad now than the end of last season? No

  5. just a thought…….didn't we lose to Norwich last year…..
    Back AVB or just shut up…..3 Games c'mon be serious

  6. Confidence is wafer thin, expectations are unreasonably high. What ever happened to sticking together and working through it
    Livermore will be the jackals target, the young homegrown guy always gets it first, it is embarrassing and annoying but we have always had a section of our support that turns on the team and are more happy moaning. We need a few away games to get our confidence back 🙂

  7. Tottenham football club is a family and as such you look after family . if someone was attacking your brother or mother or uncle you would rally round and support them try and protect them no matter what . well AVB is now part of our family and the media are attacking him so lets all rally round and support and protect him. we are spurs a family club . we are not chelsea we don't turn on our own . so grow up and show the world we are the spurs and we support our own. spurs forever . coys

  8. Why isn't Dawson playing? He is much better than Gallas.. Why did we not start the game with Dembele and Adebayor? Defoe was useless up there in front on his own. It is high time things start clicking for Spurs. We have made some great signings but it is a pity we have not been able to get an outstanding striker that we need badly… We are not scoring enough goals, let alone not maintaining our lead. We too often lose our concentration towards the end of a match or we run out of steam. .Experience has taught us that scoring only one goal is never enough.

  9. Part of the booing was also aimed at the ref who had done all he could to screw up this game including sending off Hudd for getting to the ball first! but anyone who boos Avb at this stage is a moron! we have lost 3 top class players in king Modric and Vdv and buying the replacements is down to Levy not Avb anyway. We are also missing Kaboul and Parker. so grow up and start supporting.

  10. Its a tough period, confidence is low. Best way of getting through it is to support your team. If we give our best in the stands and results are still bad then boo all you like.

    Let's get behind the lads – COYS

  11. Whether you think booing is justified is a different question. However, it was certainly understandable given the non performance against norwich. If AVB needs defenders with pace to play his high line / pressing game then why has Gallas (with his old legs) started every game? he brought jenas late against west brom and again huddlestone late aginst norwich. We all know what these substitutions resulted in! I dont think AVB will succeed at Spurs and he could be gone by November….

  12. Digressing slightly, why so much hate towards Gallas? Hasn't done anything wrong this season me thinks….

  13. Forget Modric, he is long gone, now we have Dembele. Did Modric score in his first game NO??? Did he only need a second half substitution before he scored. NO??? In Dembela we have a GEM, you will have forgotten Modric by Christmas, MARK MY WORDS. From Tottenham fan from way back. Have more faith.

  14. Reading that has made me feel a little better, as I am sick of reading people critising the team and the new manager,give the guy a break FFS.
    The players that have been brought in will ultimately improve the side in my opinion, as when you look at it Modric did not want to play for us anymore and VDV was only ever a 70 minute player, so the introduction of Dembele and Dempsey will come good, have some faith.
    The person that makes my blood boil (i know that is his job, and he is very good at it) is that ginger fuckwit Durham on talksport, he cannot wait to jump on Spurs when they are playing below par, so it must have been a dream come true when AVB joined us, as he could indulge two of his greatest passions at once.
    Having said all of that I will still be watching the away game at Reading with more than a little trepidation,
    COYS !

  15. Totally agree with the article and some of the abuse I witnessed towards individual players on Saturday was not justified under any circumstances. I've come to believe now that most of our fans are boorish louts with little understanding of the game. The Internet comments have bordered on the ridiculous, and I vowed that the next time I hear people talk about Jake Livermore or any other playe in the stadium the way they did on Saturday, I'll be reporting them to the club. They are not supporters of the team, the club and don't deserve their seats in the stadium.

  16. I couldn't agree more with this article. AVB needs time, this booing is just pathetic, you'd think the fans would want to help AVB as much as possible to show how great a manager he is and be propper supporters, unlike the crappy Chelsea fans. Anyway, I understand AVB's tactical approach, and lets face it, Harry could only get us so far with his tactical knowladge. When AVB feels the squad is ready you will see a 4-3-3 system, fluid in every aspect, with us dominating possesion, centre backs neare the half way line recyciling possesions to allow our creative players more opportunitys to create and at Porto it was truely a masterclass. I agree that Gallas is done, he should not be a starter at this point in his career but is great to have in the squad. I would like to see Dawson/Caulker along side Vertonghen depending on the oppsotion. For example, I feell the physicality of Dawson matched up against a battering ram of Grant Holt would have made more sense for us, Dawson is allot stronger and a much better header of the ball than Gallas and would have done much better.

  17. I think booing was wrong but how you knows that booing was for the players not for Mr Levy for selling Van der Vaart. If u got on twitter on friday night you would see plenty angry fans for selling one of our best players. How fans should tell the chairman that they not happy about it. Im sure Daniel Levy doesnt read ur blog. U telling me I should feel sorry for manager because he's got to handle a lot of pressure, u having a laugh!? I work 12h a day so I can have some extra money to spend at the club. AVB get 3-4 millions a year, he get life I can only dream of thanx to the money I (and many fans like me) spend on the club, and Im sure he dont give shit about me. Soon as he get some succes, he will get better offers from bigger clubs, he will leave us and than u will can tell me how i should back the manager.

  18. what a load of tosh in the past i have heard many people booing the manager and the chairman at spurs and some have been booed all through their tenure at spurs george graham is one who comes to mind , the main point of contention is that avb should never have been employed in the first place , last season many spurs fans were over the moon that chelsea were being destroyed by an incompetent manager who had no idea on tactics , man management , or team selection even with the money they had and the players at his disposal some he had signed he destroyed their team in half a season and their play became a joke amongst football fans across the country . meanwhile spurs were playing some of their best football for many years and at one point were an outside bet for the top but because of a court case and england speculations and a poor run of results partly due to the fact levy refused to back his manager in the market place meant we were short and as a result only acheived fourth just short of third and his reward was the sack four years of upward growth gone in an instance as levy thinks hes playing football manager on the x box . if that wasnt bad enough he employs the biggest joke of last season to fix something that wasnt broken , so far he has destroyed the team spirit started dissmantling the team and the way we play to become a standing joke in three games even quicker than at chelsea and you want us to applaud that , now that is crazy the only way paying customers can voice their disspleasure is through booing as most are not buying into levy game plan his management of this is seriously flawed he didnt even buy the player avb needed above all which would of atleast replaced modric in someway but hey he signed a goalie we have three good ones already but he signed a nother no we will only lose by one goal instead of two teriffic this will end badly so yes boo because levy and avb are destroying our team let him know we are not happy with what hes doing , to him its just a job but to us its in our blood our life and dont tell me to be patient i have been for over forty years and the play last season was almost there now its miles away .

  19. Although I never booed at the game,I was upset with AVB tactics. Should not of played Defoe upfront on his own as a loan striker. Gallas over Dawson, come on. His mistakes were there for all to see, and even Alan Shearer said he got it wrong. I say better he knows how we feel about his mistakes and hopefully he will learn from this. Bring Dawson back and keep Gallas out.

  20. Oxfordyid – seriously, do you think booing until the manager and chairman have gone will improve our season? I don't deny you have the right to boo but can you honestly say you offer your support to the on matchdays as much as you boo? If yes, fair enough. If no, the maybe you shouldnt attend games. Same as every other 'spurs supporter' who CHOOSES not to support the team.

    If you are that unhappy with the goings on at the club then don't go to the games, it can't be good for your health, simple as that. Make room in the ground for those who want to cheer their team on, regardless. That's what supporters do. Thick and thin, support your club.


  21. While we didn't play well, Norwich were excellent, I think it was Johnson and Snodgrass who were bossing the midfield.

  22. Patience yes, but don't say AVB has had only 3 games. So too has the our former beloved Chris Hughton at Norwich – yet they were, in all honesty, the more deserving a win. I still don't understand why our fans think we have a right to win over “little teams” like Norwich . You've got to put in the effort, use effective game plans, play to your strengths, and then, you might, just might, be better placed to win. Believe you can win at all times of course, but don't just expect to turn up and wait for it to happen.

  23. AVB and Mr Levy agreed to get top 4 in a first season in charge, and that what he gets his money for. He gets more money then most of the managers in premier league (our money we spend on the club) so its time for him to deserve that money. If he need a time he should tell how much time exactly he need, and he will get that time. You think fans wants succes so they booing. No they want to be save from relegation, and then AVB can have all the time he wants. One point above relegation is not save, and I know that we played only 3 game so far, but if we cant beat Norwich at home who can we beat!?

  24. We are 7 points off the pace after having played WBA & Norwich at HOME. We played better at Newcastle and got done. We played free flowing, exciting football for the last 3 years. Where has it gone? We tried to bore the opponents to death. Brad was the best player on the pitch, two games in a row. Why? Unless we are a long way up the table by the end of Sept. I know who I will blame. Despite losing Modric, King, VDV I still don't think we should be playing boring football. Championship sides play better. We had no sense of purpose. Why not play to the teams strengths. If we are playing to plan, then I suggest we revise the plan. I am not a happy chappie.

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