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Extra, Extra; Read all about it!

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It’s happened. It’s finally happened. Like humpty-dumpty having a great fall, I’ve actually cracked. The media….*sigh* the media have got me. They’ve twisted the words from our esteemed leader Andre Villas-Boas and maddened me so much so that I’m on the brink of heading into town, painted green with a ripped pair of purple shorts on.

I wasn’t too fussed with the agenda against Villas-Boas when Harry Redknapp was sacked. Whoever came in to replace the veteran boss was always going to be heavily scrutinised by the red tops. His “catastrophically disastrous” stint with Chelsea was always going to thrust the 34-year-old into the spotlight.

And we, as Tottenham Hotspur fans, accepted this. We knew this barrage of hurtful and hateful articles were to be sent in the way of Villas-Boas, but we agreed to hold strong and firm, to bat back the barrage of abuse that was going to be sent his way. Then Spurs signed Hugo Lloris and the problems began.

Now, I’m not having a go at Lloris, Spurs or Villas-Boas; anything but in fact. Let’s cast our mind back to the 1-1 draw with Norwich City. Transfer deadline day had passed and with it; the likes of Luka Modric and Rafael van der Vaart had departed the club. The France captain secured his switch from Lyon to the North London outfit the previous day and, as expected, excitement levels rose.

I mean, this is Hugo Lloris. France captain. One of the game’s best goalkeepers and he had signed for Spurs. It was like some fort of beautiful dream. Then Brad Friedel…bloody ‘Uncle Brad’ Friedel just HAD to go and put in a man of the match performance in the stalemate with the Canaries. I mean, how selfish of him?

After the encounter, Villas-Boas was quizzed as to whether he would persist with Friedel or throw Lloris straight into the deep end and instil him as his new Spurs number one? He admitted that the latter would have to fight for his place, and deservedly so. What was he supposed to say on Friedel? He may have secured us a point, but he’s going to be dropped? Good one.

That’s where it started. The media instantly picked up on quotes. French head coach Didier Deschamps voiced his concern as to why Lloris wasn’t to be starting instantaneously for Spurs, and as head coach; he is right. Papers instantly assumed that the former Marseille manager was hitting out at Villas-Boas for his choice of words in answer to the question put in front of him regarding the young shotstopper.

Expectantly, certain quarters of the media leapt upon his comments and made assumptions that Lloris was unhappy already, less than a week after his move to White Hart Lane. The Frenchman responded in particular fashion, insisting he is focused on international requirements and that he will see how this pans out upon his return to Spurs following the break.

However, this has been perceived, by two highly regarded tabloid newspapers, as Lloris being angered by his comments and that he desires showdown talks with the Portuguese tactician upon his “return” to England, despite quotes attributed to the ‘keeper claiming otherwise. I know I shouldn’t be letting this get to me, but it has and it’s downright angered me to no end. Rant over. 

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2 thoughts on “Extra, Extra; Read all about it!”

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I think I mentioned it is only a matter of time till the media starts chasing AVB's mum about asking if he was a 'naughty boy' in his youth?

  2. There is no such thing as ONE 'highly regarded tabloid', let alone two ……. and tabloids don't 'perceive' anything, they infer, or insinuate or, more likely sneer. And what we do, as Spurs SUPPORTERS (get that word, supporters) is ignore the fuckers and understand that AVB seems to have adopted a very common-sense approach to ensuring that Lloris doesn't start in the Premier League just like De Gea did ……. don't let it get to you; think about it, and explain it in order to get behind the team.

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