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Time for Bale to quit the theatrics

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I’ve never been a condoner of diving, even if it sees the team I’m supporting pick up maximum points. A form of cheating, similar to typing in a code on Grand Theft Auto that sees the gamer obtain all weapons with unlimited ammo, to gain an advantage over the opposition. So with Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale performing the act on Friday night against Scotland, I could place my head in my hands and ask ‘why?’

Yes, I am fully aware that Shaun Maloney came out after the encounter and admitted to clipping the wideman during Wales’ 2-1 win over Scotland to win the penalty late on, but I am of the opinion that Bale clipped his own heels to win the spot-kick and I know I am not the only one.

It comes less than a week after his blatant dive during Spurs’ 2-0 victory over Aston Villa, with Bale going down without any contact follow Brad Guzan’s charge out of goal. Many will argue that he was avoiding a clattering from the big American, but it’s a dive nevertheless.

His antics have come at bad time for the Wales international, with the topic of significant focus at present being diving. Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has attracted plenty of attention in recent months for his antics, with his effort during his side’s recent 0-0 draw with Stoke City leaving fans of the Merseysiders particularly red faced.

It’s an element that is slowly sneaking into Bale’s game, which is, to be frank, leaving fans rather embarrassed. Combing the social networking sites, it’s plain to see that supporters don’t condone diving, with the Spurs faithful quick to distance themselves from his actions.

Regardless of whether his decision to go down easily wins Spurs a game, it is still leaving fans with their heads in their hands. I was posed a question on Friday night following my decision to criticise Bale, which simply read ‘what if he does that against Chelsea for Spurs to win the game?’

I was gobsmacked. I genuinely had no idea how to answer that question. Cheating is against everything I stand for in football, but to see my team win against the Blues; I couldn’t answer, simply because I didn’t know what to say.

It was a real ‘pull on the heart strings’ predicament. Yes, seeing my team pick up maximum points against our fierce rivals would be perfect, but to do so by cheating? I didn’t know what to say to that.

Of course, Bale showed his best during the 2-1 win over Scotland, firing home the winner in the 88th minute from 25 yards in a game which has been described as his finest in a Wales shirt. But it also showcased his worst quality, in the aforementioned dive.

The Spurs man really doesn’t need to keep up his theatrics on the pitch; he’s better than that and every fans knows this. Worst of all, Bale is now becoming a targeted man in the game, with fans and players beginning to hump on his back as a result of his diving.

It won’t be long before referees take a similar approach, much like they have with Suarez. It’s pivotal he cuts this aspect out of his game and the sooner it’s done; the better. So come on Gareth, let’s leave the diving to Tom Daley and Felix Baumgartner, eh? 

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9 thoughts on “Time for Bale to quit the theatrics”

  1. You are a pillock or never played football – once your running leg is tapped behind your forward leg you do nothing but fall – used to do this at school to trip people up – This episode was what you get from a Centre Forward closing as a defender –

    Diving I agree do not want it and don't need it – But Get serious how the hell can you call that a dive – go back to playing netball

  2. I'm still highly unconvinced that he dived last week. Sure there was no contact, but he wasn't asking for a foul? I don't believe so and I for one am very happy he jumps out the way of other peoples boots at high speed, rather than have his ankles torn apart even more.

    Almost every time Bale goes down through a “dive”, it's when he is at high speed and somebody impedes his run with a threat of a foul. Run as fast as you can with a ball at your feet and have someone take a running swing at you, if every four out of five runs he boots you you'll probably still jump out the way the fifth time when he retracts his foot early.

    FACT. all fact. and I win EVERYTHING.

  3. I understand that his speed can mean the slightest of touches will make him fall. Against Scotland he did tap his own ankles which is pretty hard to do on purpose at 100 mile an hour, the closeness and angle of Maloney caused that. But when he goes down and is not touched maybe anticipating contact, GET UP, don't stay down as if you have been clipped. That's cheating. Bale has the makings of one of the greats, he doesn't need this label. I hope the players and the fans continue to stick it to him when he does these foolish things and embarace him until he stops.

  4. You also have to remember if Bale didn't get out of the way of certain tackles he would get injured all of the time. Clever players get out of the way as they see the tackle coming. But if you have gone over after no contact to avoid a challenge get back up and continue playing. We are talking about one example with Bale. Against Scotland the player and the manager said e did not dive, Bale is not a diver for me. Pires, Young, Nasri, Suarez now those guys are in a different bracket all together.

  5. Bale is a bit of a wuss frankly and I really think that he sometimes”dives” out of fear rather than any attempt to cheat. Now that doesn't mean that sometimes he is genuinely clipped at high speed and other times he gets out of the way instead of getting clattered. But he needs to man up a bit when he does go down. Otherwise we will see defenders take him out and then tell the crowd and ref that bale dived……remember skirtls assault on him last season that went unpunished?

  6. You have to remember that Chelsea have cheated against us plenty in the past – if not by diving then some other injustice. These things even themselves out

  7. stop buying into the hype man, how can you assume he dived when maloney himself admitted he clipped him, when you move at pace all it takes is a clip and you fall, now i can understand other clubs and supporters calling him a cheat, but our own, come on bro wheres the loyalty, bale is not a diver COYS

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