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AVB has proven he deserves the backing in the transfer market

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In some ways, yesterday was the perfect result in terms of Tottenham Hotspur’s transfer window. Against a Manchester United side in top form Andre Villas-Boas marshalled his team to deliver an excellent performance and a last minute equaliser. At the same time, Spurs didn’t manage to win the match, and this was as much to do with a lack of action in the transfer market as anything else.

Relying on Jermain Defoe as the only senior striker would be unwise at the best of times, and given his current poor form; it is a reliance that could end Spurs Champions League ambitions at a stroke. All in all Spurs had 25 shots on goal on Sunday, putting only eight on target. A little more ruthlessness in and around the 18 yard box, and Spurs could well have taken all three points, and it is possible that the north London side could fall short in their ambitions this season in a similar fashion if the manager is not backed in the final days of the transfer window.

Daniel Levy and others can point to the success that Spurs have had already this season as testament to the rigid transfer policy that is already in place, but Villas-Boas’ influence on the strong first half of the season should not be understated. The Portuguese manager has got the best out of his side despite regularly being without several key players, and yesterday gave a telling example of why it is time to back him.

Newly without Emmanuel Adebayor, Sandro and Jan Vertonghen, Spurs were able to pressure Manchester United and fight to claim a deserved point with the kind of last minute goal that fans might have come to believe only happens against their side. With more than half of the season gone Spurs are still in fourth place, if Villas-Boas had something to prove before the club pursued his targets, he has surely done so.

There is another reason that Spurs need to back their manager, and it is that the club has yet to truly cash in on the advantage that having Villas-Boas gives them in the transfer market. It’s difficult to know what exactly goes on in the murky world of football negotiations, but it’s easy to believe that one of the main reasons the likes of Willian and Joao Moutinho are considering a switch to White Hart Lane at all is because of the manager.

Spurs now face a crucial ten days. Andre Villas-Boas has taken to side into fourth place despite the clear limitations in the squad he has been given. It must be time to back the manager with at least one of the targets he has asked for, especially as having the 35-year-old in charge could well be the main reason that these targets are looking at the club in the first place.

8 thoughts on “AVB has proven he deserves the backing in the transfer market”

  1. What about Jordan Rhodes? He's already scored 15 for Blackburn this year, big physical presence and proper goal machine.
    No need to look at fancy foreigners surely

  2. 100% agree,

    if AVB “fails” it will because he hasnt been backed.

    if there is only one thing levy does in his entire rein as chairman it should be to back this man. he really is a great great manager. he has done exceptionally well with the tools at his disposal.

    another (sad) note, i love JD he is a great guy a true yido. but he really was the difference yesterday between 1 point and 3.

    sorry JD its time to love you and leave you. we need a real world class striker of true pedigree.

  3. It all feels like deja vu to me. We were in exactly the same position last year in fact we were closer to the title with the same level of injuries and problems. Yes I am talking about harry redknapp, but the similarity is obvious, plenty of injuries and when harry asked for some backing in the transfer market to challenge for top honours what support did Levy give NONE.
    Harry was very clever in my opinion, even though some of the spurs antagonists slagged him off for talking to much in the press at least we knew what he wanted and the players he wanted to bring in. What he ended up with was a joke. Not to slag of all criticize the likes of Ryan Nelson and Louis Saha as they are both great professionals and in their day quality players. But lets be fair they are not players who are going to make the difference when fighting for a champions league spot or at the time Premier league champions, possibly relegation battles. Harry use to talk alot in the press so the fans knew what he was about and which players he wanted to bring in and to be fair he always had his eye on the type of player who could have and most probably would have made the difference. It also meant when levy went down the cheap route no-one could blame harry for lack of ambition as we all knew it was levy being the tight ass. Unfortunately we are in nearly the same position as last January and with a different manager asking the same questions of Levy. Are you going to support me in the transfer market and get the players we need for future success? The only difference with AVB he hasn't publicly come out and said I want these players so everyone knows when it doesn't happen its levy's fault again. Perhaps he has learnt from Harry's mistake that if he talks too much he might end up getting sacked as well. It would be nice to think that the profit spurs have made over the years that some would be reinvested on 2 or 3 players that would make us championship contenders, we all had hoped the money form modric and other sales would have brought that out and out striker and that defense splitting passer. Surprise Surprise it didn't happen, the question is will levy support the manager this time. Personally I can't see it. COYS !!

  4. I have been saying this for ages – what we need is a decent aerial threat who can hold the ball up. Because of the way we play with wingers and flying wing backs, we are always getting corners and free kicks in wide positions that we cannot capitalise on because we have noone to aim for in the box. Llorente !!!!!!!!

  5. harry bought some crap,never rated suarez never rated taarabt never rated pieanaar couldnt get anything out of dos santos never rated boetang or pav and ended up with saha an nelson lucky levy only sactioned a 6 month deal 4 both oh an not 2 mention first thing he done was try 2 sell BALE…AVB COYS

  6. Harry never bought suarez and regardless his attitude like him or loathe him suarez is a quality player but went to liverpool, so not sure that comment. Taarabt was signed by juande ramos not redkanpp and couldnt get in to the team under either player, however is a very talented and skillful player just needs a harder work ethic. Dos Santos was signed also under Ramos not Redknapp and for whatever reason couldn't get into the side under either manager which is a great shame as he a quality player and does extremely well for mexico. Boateng was actually signed by Martin Jol not redkanpp either and has actually turned out to be a great player for AC Milan.. With regards to our super sub Pav who often came on and saved the day for spurs on many occasions was a quality striker but never given enough chances in my opinion as peter crouch, robbie keane and defoe were always preferred. To be fair when Bale came to spurs he was shocking and every time bale started spurs lost. He has come along way and has now turned into one of the worlds best. Bale was never on a winning spurs side for more than 2 years after signing for spurs. It was actually harry that got the best out of a struggling often injured player, so comments about harry selling bale is silly but considering he was becoming an extremely unlucky player for spurs I believe everyone would have thought about selling him. Levy signed Nelson and saha as he didnt want to spend too much money in the january sales which is why i don't believe levy will support AVB now, its a known fact that Levy doesn't like this transfer window. Anyway it is quite obvious that you don't really know the history of your club and the right people who were actually involved in the signings of spurs players. The majority of the players you criticise Harry for was signed prior to Harry becoming manager. Maybe if you don't know the facts you should do some research first before you start criticizing people.

  7. bale went 23 or 24 games without a win but no 1 would want to sell him u could tell the boy was special if u watch those games bale was very good

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