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Spurs should forget about the Europa League

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It’s a well thought out conundrum that many a Tottenham Hotspur fan comes across from time to time, this season especially. When fans often bring up the question “Would you rather win the Europa League of secure Champions League football?” the debate amongst supporters is often long and heated.

Yes, the game may well be about glory, but from a business perspective; Champions League football is vital. Spurs have regularly targeted a place amongst Europe’s elite and after their run in the competition in the 2010/11 season, the need to secure a place in the competition has become that much more crucial.

With the new stadium given the green light and development of the area already underway, the increased windfall of Champions League TV revenue will only aid in attaining the long term vision of the club from chairman Daniel Levy.

Furthermore, with the best players wanting to showcase their capabilities amongst the best, securing Champions League football could well prove to be crucial in Spurs fight to stave off interest in the likes of Gareth Bale.

While winning the Europa League would be ideal for Spurs fans, Champions League football remains the priority, whether fans want to admit it or not. Teams aren’t remembered for finishing fourth, but for the long term stability of the club; securing that top four finish remains the priority this season for the north London side.

6 thoughts on “Spurs should forget about the Europa League”

  1. I strongly disagree. As a spurs fan, I expect to lift a cup every now and then. That's what in it for me. we don't win leagues, we win cups. CL football is good to have, but as a fan, what is in it for me? Hike in ticket prices and hospitality to match. Hike in players wages. Hike in managers and backroom staff bonus. Hike in directors salaries, dividends and Capital worth. But as a fan, WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU? Unless we stand a reasonable chance of winning it…NOTHING
    Until we build our new stadium, I'd rather WIN a trophy than 4th place.

  2. Bill Nicholson would be turning in his grave to think this defeatist attitude is from a Spurs fan. It's better to fail aiming high than to fail aiming low. Let's aim to WIN the Europa League and secure THIRD place. It's called ambition.

  3. If we can only have one of the two I think top 4 is the obvious choice. I agree with the article that the impact of CL football is far more significant, not just to our finances but if Chelsea or Arsenal miss out it will hurt them too.

    Having said that, we should and are striving to win as much as possible. AVB is right, taking the Europa seriously is good practise if we do make the top 4. So far we've struck a decent balance and I think the majority of fans would rather we try for everything than prioritising one over the other.

  4. Spurs should forget about europa cup??? After coming this far??? You are a Fu**ing joke. Now I'll stop Reading your pathetic laughable article. One less reader you fuc*ing dumb twit.

  5. 52 this year and never won a league title in my life time but been lucky enough to see two UEFA CUP FINALS and loved every minute of them .The game is about the glory
    If we finish 5th this year but win the cup are you suggesting we play the reserves or u18s to defend it next year so the first team can try and finish 4th what about the other cups give them a miss as well
    Would love to win the league fa cup champions League and the other one (what ever its called now) but we need to be in them to win them the squad is biggest enough and good enough to try for them all
    I LOVED THE cl when we were in it but the cup finals days out are what the game is about and Amsterdam will be brilliant

  6. You're living in the past. To change a mentality into a winning one you have to try and win everything. Catch up.

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