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Where would Juan Mata fit in at Spurs?

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It seems extraordinary that Chelsea would even think about letting their Player of the Year go, but it seems as though life isn’t all that sweet for Juan Mata under Jose Mourinho. There were rumours throughout the summer about the Spaniard’s future, and again when he missed the first few games of the season, but the Express are suggesting that Tottenham will be in with a bid in January to rid him of his Stamford Bridge woes. But where would he fit into an already packed midfield?

Andre Villas-Boas already has Christian Eriksen, Lewis Holtby and Mousa Dembele who can operate in the central attacking areas. Juan Mata is able to function in any of the three attacking roles behind the forward of the 4-2-3-1 formation, but on the wings the likes of Aaron Lennon, Erik Lamela and Nacer Chadli, so competition is fierce.

For me, Mata is best on the left – cutting in and using his creativity to open up the opposition. The 25-year-old made 95 key passes last season for Chelsea. Chadli has had a good start to life at White Hart Lane but is not in the same bracket as Mata, whereas Lamela is likely to improve every game. There is a long time between now and the new year, but if I was forced to give an answer then I’d say the Spurs front six would look something like this, if Mata made the switch.





What do you reckon Spurs fans, where would you fit him in?

5 thoughts on “Where would Juan Mata fit in at Spurs?”

  1. Mourinho and protégées are in their happy hour having humilliating Juan Mata, suggesting Lampard and Terry are titulars when they were in the reserve under previous managers. Mata and Luis are far superior and I don't see any reason for them to go into Mourinho's despicable mind games.
    It is evident He wants the players to become hungry animals to fight in benefit of himself. He is so eager of glory but only for himself that is capable of using and humiliate any player with that purpose.

    But who is going to tell this pathetic pseudo manager how stupid decisions he is making in his few weeks in England?
    what about this?
    William IN = 32 million OUT + Moses OUT
    Who in the world can do this kind of business???
    only a Moron. Yes or No?
    I heard in the news from Basil that William was able to kill a lion every day to get the starting eleven. As I see the situation he has to kill a Chelsea player every week to get his place.
    (I apologize to William just kidding). But honestly the self proclaimed genius and special moron has no pardon, because he has no mercy with other people he don't deserve mercy from ourselves.
    For the business Mourinho did with William I have the right to think He is a Moron or Idiot at least. Not to mention the probably loosing of Mata and Luis.

  2. You've dropped Eriksen in your line-up. You just cannot drop him and I see your playing 4-2-1-2-1.
    I would line foe Chelsea up with


    Walker Dawson Vertongen Rose

    Paulinho Dembele

    Holtby Eriksen Lamela


    and a subs bench of Fridel, Chidli, Defoe, Chiriches, Kaboul and Sandro.

    I would alo suggest that Mourinho will not allow the sale of Mata to Spurs.

  3. Wow what an assumption ……… Do you think Mata would like to drop into a spurs side………. You only have to look at a recent chelsea signing and see what players think about certain clubs……….
    Dream on 🙂

  4. Given the way Daniel Leavy refused to sell Modric to Chelsea, i cant see Chelsea ever selling a half decent player to Spurs while Roman Abramovic is in charge.

  5. Mata would fit very well as first choice on the left side of the 3 behind the striker competing with Holtby, Siggy and Chadli for that position resulting in a very creative and potent Mata/Eriksen/Lamela – tasty! It would mean the 2 behind would need to be tougher tacklers and I'd probably have 2 of Capoue/Sandro/Paulinho meaning Dembele would be on the subs bench. Anyway this is all academic as I can in no way see it happening even if Mata wanted it. Abramovic won't sell to Spurs and Mourinho won't sell to AVB and also I'm guessing there would be very stiff competition from ManUtd who have done nothing in the market, are struggling and would love to have a player like Mata right now. They would be the most likely and probably only possible English destination – otherwise he will be off to Spain or a money bags French side. Instead of Mata can I now officially start a campaign for us to go all out for Marco Reus from Dortmund in that very position instead!! We've not spent any money yet and even have a few mil in the bank at this point…do it do it!

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